By DoRána cz, 7 years ago
Hello, I use page builder by SiteOrigin and I would like to ask you if there is any possibility to add a javascript code into an editor or some another way to add javascript code. Thanks

Social Media Icons in vantage premium 2.5.4

By System-Support, 7 years ago
Hi there, I just updated from vantage premium 2.2.4 to vantage premium 2.5.4 and the trick with editing the style.css seems not to work anymore. At least I can’t find where it is hidden now, because the search function doesn’t bring up any results anymore for “social”, “Facebook”, “Google” or “Youtube”. Any tip would be…

Full-width Slider

By Chris Hannon, 7 years ago
I need to embed/insert a full-width slider at the top of the Front/Home page of my ite (only that page). I would like to use a third-party slider plugin because I need a variety of transition effects. However, when I place the slider shortcode in a Siteorigin Editor widget, it limits the width of the…

Google Maps widget incompatible with theme

By jgasperini, 7 years ago
Hello– I’ve been having trouble getting markers and even standard Google Maps controls (zoom, etc) to display using the SiteOrigin widget. I believe there is an incompatibility with my theme (UU 2014) since the maps display as expected in Twenty Sixteen. The developer of the theme seems hard to reach. Is there anything obvious I…

Iframe and excerpt not working

By Mrunal Vora, 7 years ago
Hello, I am working with SiteOrigin page builder and it is just awesome. Thanks for such a nice product. Now I am trying to create some custom widgets for my theme and I got some problems as mentioned below : 1. I can not save iframe code with tinymce and textarea in custom widget. 2.…

Mozilla and Webkit rendering page diferently

By Ollie Hines, 7 years ago
I am a premium member, trying to change the masthead. What I want is to have the logo on the left and some text in the header centralised next to it. I tried changing the “#masthead .hgroup #header-sidebar” to having a width of 100% which worked in safari and chrome, but in firefox the text…

Mobile menu in theme north not working

By Norbert Felgendreher, 7 years ago
The mobile menu doesn’t work for me (tested in Firefox on desktop and in Chrome on Samsung mobile). Only the animation is visible (Hamburger to checkmark) North 1.2.5 and WordPress 4.6.1 Plugins: siteorigin css, pagebuilder, black studio As I like North much, especially the clever theme setup, I tried a workaround to set the mobile…

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