Header widgets cause slider to disappear

By KELO_jstaples, 7 years ago
Hi, I replaced the Meta Slider with Layerslider so I could have a little more animation. However when I put in any header widgets, the slider disappears. Any ideas? I’ve deactivated plugins, I don’t have many anyway. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The site is: http://www.my-utv.com/home/

How to make contact form 7 with all in the same row

By mapj, 7 years ago
Hello! I am trying to make a contact form with contact form 7 look like this How can i put the text, containers etc in a row like the one i attached? I read a lot of topics saying that the css should be added on the theme’s style.css but the theme i am using…

Upgrade page builder to 2.4.7

By James Leicester, 7 years ago
Hi is there a way to upgrade page builder by site origin from 2.4.6 to 2.4.7 without having to re-write everything. I tried deactivating 2.4.6 and install 2.4.7 but it wouldn’t work? It did work on my other website but had to rewrite Cheers

Circle Icon Custom CSS

By Louise Mason, 7 years ago
Hi I love using circle icons on my site. I am using css to hide the more button .circle-icon-box .more-button { display: none;} but on some areas of the site i do want to display the more button i attempted to create a custom class but this doesn’t work – i’m not sure I have…

Siteorigin Google Map

By Gulsehar sabri, 7 years ago
I am using sitemap plugin to develop the website. As per the requirement from my client, they need to have Google Maps on the footer. I have added the map, but I am not able to add the name or title to the map. Please let me know where to add the title on the…

Space between two widgets in one row

By Tycho_62, 7 years ago
Hi there, I am building a website, testing site is here http://tcwebdesign/anne ( beware, this is work in progres) and I need two text widgets close together, they should touch each other. The website is Dutch – might be hard to read…. The two text widgets are located on the right of the page, one…

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