Tesseract theme

By Saurabh Anand, 7 years ago
dear team when i used making world a better place to add second heading in my 2nd widget; its getting overlapped with the image i added 1st widget. Add CSS Selectors – .home-making (done)

Social Media Widget: Skype

Hello. I wasn’t able to find Skype as an option in the Social Media Widget, so I’d like to request that it be added. In the meantime, is there a workaround? The Icon widget would work if I could get three of them in a row. If I add multiple Icon widgets to an area,…

email field in form disappearing

By tessavdmvh, 7 years ago
Hi Alex, I am having a problem with the email in a form. The exact problem is that he is disappearing when we recieve the outcome. I use the sparkling theme from colorlib. Postman SMTP Setup with a gmail email to forward it to a co.za address. If you need more information i am happy…

Custom CSS visual editor not showing site

By Kshitij Shrestha, 7 years ago
Hi! I was developing my site with Vintage theme in the /wp directory. I recently moved the index.php and .htaccess file to the root directory and updated the setting and permalinks. Everything is fine but Custom CSS visual editor is not showing the site. It shows 404 not found error. What should I do for…

PHP 7 Compatibility Concerns

I ran the PHP compatibility tester by WPEngine against the plugins in my site, which include SiteOrigins PageBuilder and the Widget Bundle. The following issues were noted as errors showing PHP 7 compatibility problems. 1) Can you look over an address these, possibly in an update to the plugin? 2) Do you have a compatibility…

Modal window link in Features Widget

By Keven Peoples, 7 years ago
Hello.. I would like to link my features to a modal window. Is this possible? I don’t see a place to choose a modal window, only the area for “more link URL”. Maybe there is a way to put the URL there but I’m not sure how to do that. Thanks in advance!

Can`t remove the name of the categories on webpage

By Kilian Brunner, 7 years ago
Hi there, I’ve made on my wordpress website a new row with the widget: Sydney FP: employers. My problem is that I can’t remove the Name of the category that is shown now on my webpage. Is there a possibility to remove the first “Unser Team”? I’ve searched the whole wordpress settings but I didn’t…

I love your tools!

By Ricky Red, 7 years ago
I love your tools! I am convinced they are the best, even compared to the paid solutions. I’m brutal. I ask a quote for integrating in nort or vantage support for BuddyPress and maybe even in the page builder. I offer free hosting and free wp multisite, with BuddyPress and bbPress. I can not find…

Layout Export Not Working

By TonyFFH, 7 years ago
I want to Export the Page Builder layout from one of my pages. I click on the prebuilt layouts icon on the page editor, click on the Import/Export, but all I get is the prompt for Importing a file, no Export option. How do I get to Export the layout?

Latest Page Builder update has wrecked my homepage

By FreshWebz, 7 years ago
I just installed the latest Page Builder update but unfortunately it has totally wrecked the layout of my homepage, which is built using widgets from a Genesis based (which I had also updated to the latest version) Outreach Pro theme. All my internal pages are fine, but the homepage layout has been completely wrecked. The…

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