Stop row, column and widget renderen

Hi, If developed a targeting plugin for WordPress. Currently it provides timed content and device targeting. I want to integrate the plugin into your pagebuilder. I use the filters siteorigin_panels_row_style_fields and siteorigin_panels_widget_style_fields to add custom fields. And the filters siteorigin_panels_row_style_attributes and siteorigin_panels_widget_style_attributes to add custom styles for the rendering. But this way I only can…

Multiple buttons on a single row?

By Nell Abram, 7 years ago
I’m trying to place three buttons on a single row – no luck. I tried the Layout Builder. Added three columns to the row, and then added a MaxButton in each. The buttons stack vertically on the left hand side. How can I get them to render in the same row? Thanks- Nell

Add checkbox to the SiteOrigin Contact Form widget

By BurnHard, 7 years ago
Hey guys, thanks for your awesome themes and plugins. Really an evolution. But as always there are some questions left. I am working for a client and want to use the SiteOrigin Contact Form widget as a kind of Newsletter function with some additional questions. In germany we need a special approval with a checkbox…

Customizing slider in the header

By Aftab Parvaiz, 7 years ago
Im working with VINTAGE theme. There are couple of things i want to do: – For the startes i want the slider to have a video in it that plays automatically. I do not want a play button. I just want it to play when someone lands on the page like this: http://www.dadaabstories.org/? – Is…

Meta menu and cursor stuck

By pil91, 7 years ago
Hi, I just discovered Vantage, it’s look great ! I design my home page with a slider and the top of the slider is stuck to the bottom of the menu, no gap. I have tried the tips you talk about here with no result: Space below the menu bar and creating a meta slider…


By cullen90, 7 years ago
Hey there, We are developing a FREE theme for users to download and install, are we allowed to have PageBuilder and Widgets pre-installed? On a seperate note is it possible to whitelabel? Thanks for your help!

Siteorigin premium

By germangof, 7 years ago
Hello! First of all, thanks for your work and for the great tool you have done. I was able to build my website without any knowledge and for free. What you are doing is great, guys ;) I was going to purchase the premium vantage, but I do not want that credit card is automatically…

SiteOrigin not accepting text updates

By BeerSnobChick, 7 years ago
I am trying to make text updates on my site. Two things happening. a) not able to see “SiteOrigin” plugin (just the standard WP visual editor, without the visual/html options) b) I am changing text in “visual editor” with Black Studio TinyMCE Widget it does not save the text. I have also tried using the…

Full width not working on vantage for rows

By Dominic Giusti, 7 years ago
My full width option is not working for rows in page builder. see http://tbarnett.weeboweb.com/. You’ll notice the grey section when you scroll down titled “Shop By Vehicle.” This is what’s going on with every new row I add when I try to make it full width. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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