Contact form error

By Stefan de Jong, 7 years ago
Hi, when i want to add a new contact form to a page and test after i get the error: Error sending email, please try again later. What doe i wrong? i tried to install contact form 7 but i cant added it to the page. i’m a beginner in wordpress, please answer that i…

Page builder by role

By Evan Dermatis, 7 years ago
Has there been any progress for setting page builder permissions by user role for multi-user sites yet? It seems that this would be the natural progression of this feature and users have been asking for this for years now. Is this coming? Is there an ETA or should we just dump page builder all together?…

Page Builder and Woocommerce Category pages

By Rodolphe BEDU, 7 years ago
Hi I have a question about Page Builder and Woocommerce plugins. Is it possible to use Page Builder plugin to edit woocommerce category pages? By default it is possible to add description to this page but I don’t see an option to create layout using Page Builder plugin. Thanks.

Row Transparent Backgroun

By Ray “B.W.” Gentry, 7 years ago
I did a “Search” in the Support Forums for making the “Row” Background Transparent. I tried all the CSS Styles that were listed and none of them are working for me. I’m using a .png image with transparent background and I would like the Row to be transparent so only the original background color shows.…

SP Page Builder Ordering Latest posts

By Bonelli Andrea, 7 years ago
Hello everyone, I’m new in this forum and most of all I write from Italy so forgive me English. My problem is as follows: creating a new entry “Last post” I can not order the items as popular items. Default are sorted by the most recent items, but I’d order them at will. Among other…

Image problem on SiteOrigin Features Widget

Dear company, I´m having problems with the images on features widget…I put 3 images in a row and they appear 1.5 time in each image…wich setting I need to change to adjust the image? I think I tryed everything: large, medium, ful size for the image and never fit, always appear 1.5 times in the…

Page Builder won’t allow image load

By Satchell Jones, 7 years ago
When pagebuilder activated images won’t load within siteorigin editor widget, the image itself will load but not within the widget itself. If switch text this does not display either so no changes can be made to image or code. Images and all else does load on frontend. Have done all this: deactivated all other plugins…

SiteOrigin Image question.

By DancerHP1, 7 years ago
My website is http://triovolant.co.uk/. On the Education & Outreach page (http://triovolant.co.uk/education-outreach) I would like to change the text under each photo to be smaller as well as centred. I have the plugins Page Builder by SiteOrigin, SiteOrigin CSS and SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle installed and activated on my website. If you could explain in simple steps…

Cannot edit top of page

By drdeath, 7 years ago
I am new to using Site Origin and have got the hang of things but am having problems getting it to display ok. I cannot for some reason place anything near the top of the page, so whenever I add something it always starts below the header and image and links etc. I have tried…

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