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Page Builder won’t allow image load

When pagebuilder activated images won’t load within siteorigin editor widget, the image itself will load but not within the widget itself. If switch text this does not display either so no changes can be made to image or code. Images and all else does load on frontend.

Have done all this:

deactivated all other plugins -images continue to load on back and front end
activated pagebuilder alone -no images or text

Activated these widgets one by one to check results:

siteorigin widgets bundle by itself -no problem or issues
Black studio tiny mce widgets -no problem
Breadcrumb nav xt -no problem
wp page navi -no problem
siteorigin widgets by codelights -no problem
multiple post thumbnails -no problem

I can keep loading up my plugins with no problem but the when pagebuilder is activated it reconfigures the back and front end of course but the images and code within the widget itself are not visible.

The media library works fine with and without pagebuilder
When using hero image the little pic in left corner is visible
All other widgets seem to work ok.

Thanks for your help

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