News Block – Pages

By Thomas Weber, 7 years ago
Hey guys, i face the following problem. I have created a Template for my home site. There i added a “News Block – Blog Style” where i can say how much news should be shown. what i want is a page counter so that i can say i want page 2 of the news where…

how to remove inline text-align i cannot overide

Hi, first of all thanks for the great suport, i allready found many answers! this one however i dont manage. I want to justify most of the text on my website. I used .single, .page, .blog{ text-align: justify; !important; } it works well but when using the siteorigin text editor widget the text is left…

Plugin stopped working…?

By Ben Filippi, 7 years ago
WordPress noob here so please bear with me! I used the Site Origin Page Builder Version (2.4.21) and Site Origin Widgets Version (1.7.2) to create a website yesterday – however this morning I noticed the page layout tab (when you make a new page or are working on an existing one) had gone missing. I…

Page builder content disappeared

By redresscolumbus, 7 years ago
I am using WordPress version 4.71 with AccessPress pro version 2.02 and page builder version 2.4.21. We have been unable to create new posts or edit pages/posts for several weeks, and also noticed that the page builder tab had disappeared from our pages. We deactivated all plugins and cleared cache, and noticed that the page…

Position Hero Title?

By Multimastery, 7 years ago
Hello, Is there a way to position the hero title in the exact place that I want it? Right now, in the Hero content area I wrote a title and for background I set an image. But the problem is that I can’t get the title to appear exactly where I want it to over…

Header on every page

By marketing2017, 7 years ago
Hi guys Thank you for this spectacular tool I love it. I am new to this so hope I get my explanation clear. so I have made a website and it functions great for the home page however… when I make page 2 and preview it the header is not present. I just get and…

Layout builder title

By micemade, 7 years ago
Hi, is there some hook/action or method ( which I perhaps missed ), that can add title to Layout Builder widget, at least for layout admin, to help identify Layout Builder’s content inside ? Thanks, Alen, Micemade

image between two divs

By Francisco Miguel Hernandez Maldonado, 7 years ago
Hello, I wanted to know if it is possible to place an image between two rows, that is, the image is in both layers as background. Because I try to create a row with a background image, but it does not fit what I need. I attached an image so that it can be seen…

Textarea on contact form not working

By swisslight, 7 years ago
I did a contact form with the form builder widget of site origin. Also it contained a text area to type a message. When I checked the form after on the website, i was not able to type any text in the text area. The field appeared and also all the other fields worked correctly.…

Widget bug

By Руслан Умеров, 7 years ago
Sorry for bad English. Hello to the newly installed website when I edited the Demo content there are widgets that are in error “Widget Smart_Widget_Section_Header unavailable. Please install the missing plugin. Seek advice on the technical support forum if You need help.” Please tell me what widget is missing? Better is you have a link.…

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