Row height

By Malay H Kenia, 6 years ago
I am using revolution slider in page builder row but there is loots of space at top and bottom of slider I tried lot but could not resolve this please help

Text Widget Title

By Darren Teo, 6 years ago
Hi, I have my page as this image shows. I want my Text Widget Title to be bigger than the other title. I tried these code but it doesn’t work for my case. I’m having Zerif Pro theme, WordPress version 4.6.3, SiteOrigin version 1.7.1.

page builder background image jump/stretch

By jstevens, 6 years ago
I have a row that has a background image set to cover (design) and full width (layout). The issue I have is it loads within the container then a spilt-second later seems to jump/stretch the full width. I have also tried full width stretched and seems to do the same thing. Is there anyway to…


By Eric Admati, 6 years ago
A few questions for 1. I have created 4 columns on under the image and text. The 4th one, ‘Trauma Therapy’ looks indented. I have no spaces in there. Why is that? 2.The ‘Read More’ in the first 3 sections have a dashed underline. That 4th one does not. Why? 3. How can…