Issue with text color in SiteOrigin Hero Widget

By SAILORdudes, 7 years ago
Short summary of this cruise: 8 days sailing cruise dress code :-) : nat. Cruise Highlights/places to visit: Tortola Cooper island The baths on Virgin Gorda Anegada Jost van Dyke Type of cruise: organised group sailing adventure [buttons] -END CODE- Note that my site is locally hosted so I cannot publish it online yet.

Site Origin Hero Widget Rendering problem in Microsoft Ie?

By Joe Stallings, 7 years ago
Hi all. I am preparing to launch the following site into production: https://etfsec.wpengine.com One of my testers pointed out that the hero isn’t working properly in Internet Explorer (though it works fine in Chrome, Firefox and Safari). The hero contains frames, each of which should display a video thumbnail and two images in a single-row…

Large Gap Between Two Rows

By Ashley Nanayakkara, 7 years ago
I have a huge gap between two rows on my page, however I can’t figure out how to get rid of it. I have removed the padding in the Design Options CSS box but nothing changes. I also trued going into the backend classic mode and removed [vc_row][/vc_row]. This second thing worked temporarily (When I…

page builder problem

By prudmac, 7 years ago
hi,am using vanatage theme and my page builder is innactive except for the home page.this happened after building my site.the plugin came with the theme.i will appreciate your assistance please.

Alignment issue

By Ravichauhan, 7 years ago
Hi, Updated the SO Widget bundle yesterday and facing the alignment issue in SO Editor. It align the shortcodes/table etc to the right. i used the css code .siteorigin-widget-tinymce.textwidget { float: none !important; } to fix it and it seems the issue is also with the other widgets as well.

full page width

By Harry Thomas Ray, 7 years ago
I set a full page template and it worked on one page and not another even though I did the same thing. The one it worked was http://www.pyonsgroup.co.uk/?page_id=3368 and the one it didn’t is http://www.pyonsgroup.co.uk/?page_id=150

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