Uploaded Image Size

By Fiesta, 6 years ago
Hi I’m trying to place images next to one another within two columns which are the same size. You can see on the following page that they are not aligned: Spain Tourist Attractions I’ve tried all the sizing options without success. Does this mean that my uploaded photos have to be exactly the same size…

Social Media on Unwind Navbar

By Tammy, 6 years ago
hey everyone. So, I’m using the Unwind theme and I’m pretty sure I’ve figured it out before but I totally forgot… I was wondering if anyone can point out to me how I can change the links of social media accounts in my Navigation Bar? Thanks so much!


By Make My Ideas, 6 years ago
Hello I am using the sliders widget on my site and need to ask a few questions about a few issues I have. Firstly I’m using external URLs for images I need to add alt tags is there a way to do this? And secondly, I have images of various sizes so my whole pages…

Change widget appearance order

By nir harpaz, 6 years ago
Dl=0 layout is 2 raws of 3 and 5 columns title for content 1-2, ,title for content 3-4 content 1, content 2, ,content 3, content 4 On desktop view, it works like a charm. When I change the view to mobile view the content shows up in an unintended order title for content 1-2 title…