using full width on vantage

By Bruno Machado, 7 years ago. Last reply by Greg Priday, 7 years ago
Im using Vantage for quite a while and i love the theme, now im working on a new site and on this one i would like to have the contents of the page full width and not boxed has it is now, how can i make this? i’ve searched and found no answer. Thanks

SiteOrigin CSS vs JetPack CSS

By obi55, 7 years ago. Last reply by Support Assistants, 7 years ago
I am sure this question has been answered before, but came across this and wondering if SiteOrign CSS is same as JetPack Custom CSS? Aware of slow load time JetPack causes, if one only uses JetPack for the Custom CSS features, can one get same functions if one switches to SiteOrigin CSS? Functions includes: removing,…