Change widget appearance order

By nir harpaz, 7 years ago
Dl=0 layout is 2 raws of 3 and 5 columns title for content 1-2, ,title for content 3-4 content 1, content 2, ,content 3, content 4 On desktop view, it works like a charm. When I change the view to mobile view the content shows up in an unintended order title for content 1-2 title…

Webpage Embeds

By Brodiebartlett, 7 years ago
Hi There, I have used the wordpress Iframe plugin to embed webpages in a page on out site....but the web pages when it populates first brings up a 404 error. If i then click on a link on the page it will move to that page.

Vantage Theme Slider Issue

By nanotec.mi, 7 years ago
Hello, im new at this and may not know correct terms to use. I am using vantage theme. My issue is that my slider is being cut off at the bottom. How do i resolve this issue? website: allstarsportscenter.net Thanks, Nan

Circle icons

By ed198, 7 years ago
the circle icons are suddenly displaying very small with the related text becoming suddenly unstyled …this happened when i uploaded an image on one of the pages…everything is up to date and they were working fine for a long time…how can this be rectified…thanks Ed

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