SiteOrigin hero is not responsive on mobile

By Claudio Bertazzoni, 7 years ago
Hello, I have a site with themplate Zerif light and SiteOrigin images are not getting responsive on the mobile wwww.cfe.com.br/servicos-ortopedica I wonder if there is a way to solve this problem. I’m waiting for an answer. Thank you. Ps. Sorry for the not so good english

screen size photos

By maktom, 7 years ago
Hello, I’m using wordpress Boardwalk template and SiteOrigin plugin. I would like to build pages of full screen width for all content text , images, paralax images etc. I’m making test but all pages are only +- 500 pixel width? Can anybody advise pls

Page blinks

I have created a portfolio page with siteorigin simple masonry widget, when cliked it always blink the first page of the portfolio before showing the thumbs on the page. How can it be fixed please?

Aviator theme demo content

By Ziggi, 7 years ago
Hi, Please – how to install demo content shipping with Aviator theme? After them installation there is no slider, no CTAs – just very plain page. Any idea?

Trying to change color and size of sidebar fonts

By Japon Secreto, 7 years ago
Hi I’ve found a lot of info about changing colors and size of sidebar font but now I got an issue. I’ve read this thread: https://siteorigin.com/thread/vantage-theme-custom-menu-widget-text-color/ I’m using this code: #secondary * { color: #F491BF; } The problem is that I just want to change the color of ‘regular’ text, not links or any other…

Justify button

By Magdalena Kolecek, 7 years ago
Hello Guys, there is no justify button in the SiteOrigin editor at my website, even though I have added it in settings/writing and it does show up in my wp editor. How do add a justify button in the SiteOrigin editor.

text wont allign!

By Arienne Brokking, 7 years ago
hello! ive been trying to fix my page for a few days now, but no matter what I do I can’t get everything to be centered! This is my website now: Home As a good example, ive done nothing yet to the page, this is the prebuild layout. In the preview it all looked good…

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