Search for a feature

By skynet, 7 years ago
I currently use visual composer but I would like to change and use Site Origin, however, I do not find how to do this on the following page: https://mysocialart.com/sommes/ Put your smile on the 3 images, there is a text that appears, I would like to do the same with SiteOrigin, is it possible ?

SP Page Builder Ordering Latest posts

By Bonelli Andrea, 7 years ago
Hello everyone, I’m new in this forum and most of all I write from Italy so forgive me English. My problem is as follows: creating a new entry “Last post” I can not order the items as popular items. Default are sorted by the most recent items, but I’d order them at will. Among other…

Cannot edit top of page

By drdeath, 7 years ago
I am new to using Site Origin and have got the hang of things but am having problems getting it to display ok. I cannot for some reason place anything near the top of the page, so whenever I add something it always starts below the header and image and links etc. I have tried…

Logo in masthead is to small.

By Michael van Wassem, 7 years ago
Hello, first of all, great theme! Whenever i upload the logo and change the masthead layout to ”logo in menu” it seems to come out very small. Even tho the image itself is large. What could I do to increase the logo size? www.greenideal.nl thanks in advance.

Vantage Theme primary menu

By Erik Lee, 7 years ago
The Vantage Theme supports one menu.. if you leave the “Assigned Menu” blank – Why does it use first created menu when displaying a page? is this a feature? When building a new page – what is the difference between the PAGE ATTRIBUTETemplate :- Default Template Page Builder Home i switch between (1) & (2)…

SiteOrigin CSS – Inspector not working

Hi I have a problem of inspector, it shows nothing in the right-hand-side which should show the CSS code of current choosed element. I tried close all other plugin and the situation continued. The theme I am using is “Discovery” by Template Express, Version: 2.3 . Thanks for your help. Screen Cap

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