FB and Google maps

Hi, I’m trying to add FB-feed and Google maps with Page Builder /Jetpack. This has worked before with the same Theme, Virtue. Now for FB I do get the FB-background picture visible in the side bar, but the posts not (The height of the widget is set already set in 2000px). I also do have…

Google verification

By WSH, 6 years ago
I added an HTML Google verification code to my vantage WordPress site. It was inserted correctly between the and but it completely scrambled my entire site. I have removed the code but the site remains the same. What is the reason for this and how can I fix it?

White Space

By Ryan Powell, 6 years ago
When I add margin to my css to remove the white space under the homepage slider, it also brings other message boxes up below. It also happens when I add it to the banners? Can someone please help Regards

Post Carousel

By Andre Mueller, 6 years ago
Hallo in the actuel widget bundle version is a bug. The Post Carousel Widget don t show the Thumbnail Image in Sub and main Pages. Many Greatings from Germany André

Text not visible in Contact form SiteOrigin North pack

By Selva kumaran, 6 years ago
Hi, Recently start using ‘SiteOrigin North’ site pack. Its great and simple to use. I found some issues in the contact form and subscription form. When I try to enter some text it is not getting typed in the box, simply say the text color is not visible. I tried to change a lot, text…

error wordpress

By andresvazquez, 6 years ago
i have just installed 4.7.4 wordpress version and can’t use PageBuilder ;It requires to install “widgets bundle ” but an error message appear :”the folder exist” Thank you in advance