Problem with using metabox

By Prafulla Kumar Sahu, 6 years ago
Adding—adding-fields-for-a-specific-post-type to hello-world widget results nothing !!!! the scripts are rendered as expected . but the metabox is not displaying .

how change the space around two columns

By thegreatchicken, 6 years ago
Hello, I’ve read a lot of the tutorial and some if it’s making sense now and I’m using the Vantage theme. I tried to recreate the nesting part on building a page and I can’t get one bit to work. I can’t get the space to the left and right of the green columns to…

Error on page edit

By ?Christa?#MGWV?, 6 years ago
iam getting this unresponsive script error as soon as i go on editing any web page….it becomes unresponsive and pop up crops up asking if i want to continue or stop script…how to solve it…iam unable to edit any page

page margins

By Ezgi Aktuna, 6 years ago
Hi, When I make the page smaler from the settings of my navigator,for example %25, the text that I have in SiteOrigin Editor overflows from the margins of the layout that I am using. Could you please help me about how to fix it?

Prebuilt Layout not working

By Premalatha, 6 years ago
Hi there, We are using Free version of Site Origin Pagebuilder plugin. Now we want to create prebuilt layouts of our site. It works before updating the latest version. After updating to latest version we can’t get Prebuilt Layout in our site. May i know, why this is happened? Thanks fot your support.!!

Organize rows on mobile

By Silvia Papugová, 6 years ago
Hello, I´m creating my web site with Page builder, theme Unwind, custom css plugin, but I need to organize rows in different way on mobile. I have rows wiht pictures, text, buttons, and it is showing in wrong way on mobile, I need to reorganize only for mobile.

Page Builder tab is missing

By Wan Asyraff Nabil War, 6 years ago
When editing a page, the page builder editor tab was located at the top right alongside the 'visual' and 'text' tabs but it is missing now. They've actually moved to the bottom of the page, without any content in there.

Thank’s to

By Tuto Tutolex, 6 years ago
Aaron Breeden, and Greg Priday for the post I had the same issue and succeeded to fix it by desactivate Better ” WordPress Minify”. But I really don’t know: 1/ If it’s an issue to have that plugin desactivated 2/ If site origin will men that bug Regards Marc

FB and Google maps

Hi, I’m trying to add FB-feed and Google maps with Page Builder /Jetpack. This has worked before with the same Theme, Virtue. Now for FB I do get the FB-background picture visible in the side bar, but the posts not (The height of the widget is set already set in 2000px). I also do have…

Google verification

By WSH, 6 years ago
I added an HTML Google verification code to my vantage WordPress site. It was inserted correctly between the and but it completely scrambled my entire site. I have removed the code but the site remains the same. What is the reason for this and how can I fix it?

White Space

By Ryan Powell, 6 years ago
When I add margin to my css to remove the white space under the homepage slider, it also brings other message boxes up below. It also happens when I add it to the banners? Can someone please help Regards