Add space between two pages on primary menu

By Madison Nelson, 7 years ago
I have a client that wants to have space between two pages on the primary menu, the Contact page and the Leasing Opportunities page. The primary menu is centered on the header, and he would like the Leasing Opportunities page to be located to the right side of the header/basically right aligned with space between…

Footer Widget Alignment

By Beth Sparks, 7 years ago
Hi, I am using the Gateway Plus theme and have three widgets in my footer, therefore three columns. The left and right columns are both text and the center column contains a form. Now my problem is this: I want to right-align the text in the widget on the right. Please take a look at…

White space between Hero Image & Menu Bar

By Gijs Kremer, 7 years ago
I'm creating a new page and used one of the Page Builder pre-built layouts that include the hero image widget. I can't find the setting to remove the white space above the hero image and below the hero image.

Trying to imbed youtube video

By zelnik, 7 years ago
using page builder i can get the video to show up but the formatting is messed up. I read on antother thread that the video is suppoded to resize to the column width but that does not seem to be the case. I put three videos in a row. Two of them are overlaaping and…

SiteOrigin widgets bundle not being displayed

By Adeyemi Molajo, 7 years ago
I have an issue with SiteOrigin’s stock icons. They worked fine until this week when I noticed they are not being displayed any longer. This was after a SiteOrigin widget update I installed. There should be three icons in the How It Works section of my homepage- http://www.heartysalads.co.uk/

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