Less file is not being loaded via Less file filter

Hi all, I tried to add a theme to Button widget using this short tutorial: https://siteorigin.com/docs/widgets-bundle/getting-started/extending-existing-widgets/ Adding new theme to the Button themes dropdown works perfectly. Unfortunately adding .less file to style the new theme is not working at all. I’ve adjusted the function to match my theme’s folder structure, so it looks like this…

Too much space between rows

By adamaucock, 7 years ago
Hi, Trying out a new theme for our site. You can see what I’ve done so far at www.amitiestudios.com/websitetesting/ the problem with it is that the spaces between the rows are far to large. Is there something I can do to stop this? I’ve seen the other posts on this forum but they’re all for…

hover over image

By rick.kolinsky, 7 years ago
First time using siteorigin…. I put the following css code in attributes: .so-widget-sow-image img { -webkit-transition: all 250ms ease-in-out; -moz-transition: all 250ms ease-in-out; -ms-transition: all 250ms ease-in-out; transition: all 250ms ease-in-out; } .so-widget-sow-image img:hover { -webkit-filter: brightness(50%); -moz-filter: brightness(50%); -ms-filter: brightness(50%); filter: brightness(50%); } What do I enter for css class. I tried so-image-container

arrows in post carousel from page builder

By Manu Ripollés Orovitg, 7 years ago
Hello everyone!! I am using page builder with the look template for http://leschausseursshoes.com/events-2/. I have changed the CSS to see the arrows for the post carousel in mobile but the arrows don´t work. They do work in hiher resolutions. Any solution to that? i don´t see any conflicts with other plugins or javascript errors… thanks!

Problem with CSS

By Johnnyw1, 7 years ago
Hi I am finishing off our new website and have structured our inner pages with Site Origin. The problem is they keep intermittently loosing their styling (this happens on chrome, firefox, tablets and iPhones). I have tried deactivating all other plugins with no luck and the problem persists. Below is a link to one of…

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