Pagebuilder images visual editor issue

By Beardface, 7 years ago. Last reply by Beardface, 7 years ago
Hi, I can’t work out how to insert an image into the Visual Editor widget (without having a at the bottom) so that the widget height will automatically adjust around the image – see Any help much appreciated. Thanks

Is it possible to remove duplicate posts on one page

By Cody Sharp, 7 years ago
For example, On this page I am using the Masonry plugin, the Post Carousel and the Post Loop. Is there any way so i can make it so there is no duplicate posts shown even though I am pulling them from the same category (sports)? Thanks! Cody

Custom CSS styling not possible

By Simon Pointer, 7 years ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 7 years ago
I am trying to do some custom CSS styling to change the margins and some spacing within and around rows and panel widgets. Nothing too complicated I might add. I am running a SiteOrigin theme (Estate) along side page builder, and I don’t really want to create a child theme at this stage to add…

Wp Admin with blank page

By Rafael Cid, 7 years ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 7 years ago
Hi! After activate the plugin it gives me a blank page when i try to edit or add a new page. Plus it seems to not be working, because the layout in the home page appears broken. I’ve tried to desactivate all other plugins but nothing happens.

PHP code for reading database values doesn’t work

By Robby Chen, 7 years ago. Last reply by Robby Chen, 7 years ago
Hi, I’m currently developing a widget for one of my clients to work with Page Builder. It contains custom PHP code to write the widget settings to and read them from a SQLite database. Everything works perfectly within the widgets page until I tested the widget in Page Builder. I fixed all of the JS…

Price box widget customization

By Petri Rahikkala, 7 years ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 7 years ago
Hey! Once again, thanks for your efforts! I have couple issues or suggestions which might help others too. – I would like to use shortcodes of different plugins in widget fields. For example the price box widget. If I add any short code in to the “price” field, I get foreach error. – Other thing…