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Synchronize SiteOrigin Button colors with theme colors

Hello :),

I was searching for a way to change the colors of the buttons with the theme options but I guess there is no way to do that even though theme has options for that (Bento theme)?

Since I am new to CSS, HTML and WP (I know how to code in other languages) I got an idea to use Button widget and accept preset settings and than in SiteOrigin CSS change the settings (design and color) of all buttons on the webpage… after few days of trying, searching for info if that is even possible I have up :D .
I used widget class NAME to target and change buttons but all I was able to do with my knowledge was to change the background color od the whole widget without changing the button.

So if anyone can give me a direction to follow or just tell me or at least tell me that what I am trying to do is not possible with my level of knowledge I would be extremely grateful.


Best regards

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