Metaslider Zoom, Stretch Crop,


I’ve been looking at the problem with Vantage & Metaslider appearing to force zoom on its images – causing unwanted ‘cropped’ appearance.

I’ve reviewed all options – stretching cropping etc. in both the meta slider and theme settings.

I found this code snippet

Vantage Theme, remove max width/layer centering.
Usage: Copy and paste this code into Appearance > Custom CSS or your own Custom CSS module.
body.responsive.layout-full #page-wrapper .metaslider .full-container,
.layout-full #page-wrapper .metaslider .full-container {
max-width: none;

Which did not work for me. Does this require the images to be the exact size already ? At the moment, metaslider is set do the cropping, but not stretching.

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