Blog post picture (snapshot theme)

By Jürgen Bruynooghe, 3 years ago. Last reply by Alex S, 3 years ago
On my website, I get black boxes for each blogpost on my blogpage when I don’t use a featured picture. If I do use a featured picture, on each blogpost on top there is a big picture. I have a static page without the blog post slider. Can I either get only the black box…

Snapshot theme without posts

By Lars Oeschey, 4 years ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 4 years ago
I came across Snapshot and want to see if it’s the right one for my new photography site. I have a clear vision in mind, I want the slider to present images that resemble a category of photography, when clicked it should take me to a page containing a Nextgen Gallery of that category. Also…

trying to do a post, featured image option didn´t work

By silverstavern, 4 years ago. Last reply by silverstavern, 4 years ago (Snapshot Theme) We have uodated wordpress, theme, plugins, all to last version. In this update we can´t to do a good job with our posts because no way about featured image It is dissapeared featured image square option, it is post video like unique option and it doesn´t work. We like to work our…

Problem with Snapshot theme after update

By david.witte, 4 years ago. Last reply by david.witte, 4 years ago
Hi, I am running a blog on WordPress 4.5.2 and Snapshot theme. Since I updated to the recent Snapshot theme version, my “Edit Post” page is completely screwed up. I can’t switch between “Visual” and “Text” and all the items from the toolbar (fontsize etc) disappeared. If I change to a different theme, everything is…

Changing Siteorigin images

By rakeshsharma, 4 years ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 4 years ago
Dear Team, How could I change the “default” images of Snapshot plus theme. For e,g: It’s black and we want to change it. I cant find such option on WP admin console. Thanks a lot for help. cheers, R.

Snapshot Plus – Category Post Page Template

By Jim Huynh (VietPhilly), 4 years ago
I tried different template for a particular category and want the display of the posts to look like the default Post Page instead of small thumbnails on the left and text on the right as displayed in the Default template. I would love it if Snapshot has Post Page template for category posts.