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Page WIdth (Corp Theme)

Hi Team SiteOrigin

I’m back into creating a site after a couple of years, and it’s a challenge navigating the changes (presumably brought about by WP ‘Blocks’). Seem to have finally made sense of the basic structure.

What I’m trying to do this week is change the default Page Width, specifically to 1500px, while set to Page Layout of “No Sidebar”. By Default, it seems to constrain to 1200px

BUT… I also want the HERO Widget to be FULL-WIDTH (which has been set by Row Customization of ‘Full Width Stretched)

Tried a few CSS Code Snippets, they have been unsuccessful.

Is this possible, at a global level ?

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  1. 1 month, 13 days ago Andrew Misplon
    Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Jay

    Thanks for posting your question.

    It’s possible to revert WordPress using the Classic Editor plugin, but if you’re on your way with the Block Editor, that’s all good. We offer the Layout Block and Widget Block in the Block Editor, with more to come soon in that space.

    Please see the rule posted here Page: CSS Snippets titled Adjust the Overall Theme Container Width. Instructions can be found at the top of the page.

    Setting the default Page Layout isn’t currently possible without PHP customization. It’s possible, but unfortunately, it’s not a change we’re able to support within our free support scope. If interested, you can check out the information at the top of the following page and then the heading that’s linked: Page: Advanced Customizations.

    To set a row within Page Builder as full page width, you can set the Row Layout to Full Width Stretched, as you touched on.



  2. 1 month, 13 days ago JaySonic2

    HI Andrew – Thanks so much for the response 😊

    I’ve settled on using the SiteOrigin Layout as Widget Blocks, which has the advantage over the ‘old way’, as there’s an immediate visual display of each section

    As for my query, starting to wonder if width customization based on PIXEL values might be a bad idea, and I should instead use % percentage values. I’m basing my development off a 1920px screen, and fear that it may not display as intended on a 4K resolution

    Guessing that CSS Code snippet values can simply be changed from ‘px’ values to ‘%’ values ? I’ll do some testing over the weekend.

    Thanks again,


  3. 1 month, 12 days ago Andrew Misplon
    Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Jay

    Thanks for all the info. In the rule I referenced for the Corp container max-width, you can switch out the px-based value for, say, 95%.



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