Проблема плагина Page Builder

By velovek, 7 years ago
Добрый день!! Извините за вопрос. Недавно поставил на сайт плагин Yoast SEO. Теперь выпадает главная страница. Когда деактивирую плагин Page Builder все нормально. Можно что – нибудь сделать? Очень нравиться плагин Page Builder. Спасибо!

How to do this with Sopb

Hello all, I just signed up for Site Origin Page Builder and I love the capabilities, I am new to it and I am trying to figure out how can I do something similar to this video: https://youtu.be/ljHZiUY7VOo if someone can point me to the right direction that would be awesome. Thank you in advance

Arrangement of columns

I have a problem with one of the sites and it is that the arrangement of columns in mobile is incorrect because the columns should be arranged vertically in the same way as in horizontal so that they are in order, and this is not the case as I have the contents Interspersed, please see…

Changing Title Color for Specific Titles

By Daniel Askan Filsoof Mikkelsen, 7 years ago
Hi, first of thanks for the great plugin! Some context for the question: I’m developing locally. I’m using the theme: Sydney with a child-theme. The webpage is one-paged. I’m new to wp and html/css. The question: I want to change a title color from the widget-title class. However, I can’t locate the code in order…

page builder doesn’t work well …

By Nicole Stopa de Mello, 7 years ago
I am using the Black Studio TinyMCE Widget 2.3.2 and the Page Builder by SiteOrigin 2.5.3, and when I activate the Visual Editor I can not change the text features like bold italic alignment because those options do not appear. Sorry for my English.

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