Page Builder gap between rows

By Dan Smith, 7 years ago
Hi everyone I know this issue has been raised several times in the past but I am getting huge white gaps between rows on page builder. i have read several threads all with different ways of resolving this issue but none of them have worked for me. Please help thanks

How to move the image at the home page?

By Katinka1990, 7 years ago
Hi there, I have a question about my home page. I just did some updates, when suddenly (probably it is not suddenly, but I’m not so good with WordPress), the front page changed. The image that is shown overthere, moved up. Now I can’t figure out how to get it back down. I want half…

SiteOrigin back-end refresh

By Patrik Potoczky, 7 years ago
Hello guyz, i would like to ask about siteorigin builder and addons for him, i am working with Siteorigin on nevest wordpress, and i am experiencing sometimes the page builder in backend is not showing, so i have to refresh page, also sometimes my site origin buttons is turning into a text module. Is this…

Columns not Collapsing for Mobile Display

By HandyMarketing, 7 years ago
Hello, I’ve built a site using WooCommerce, Storefront Theme & SiteOrigin. { www.handygardenmachineryltd.co.uk } For reference. I’ve experienced two problems, The first is the content on the Homepage doesn’t display across the full width of the div. Looking at the CSS there is a max-width setting somewhere but I cannot see where this could be…

Changing Title Color on a Specific Widget

By Daniel Askan Filsoof Mikkelsen, 7 years ago
Hi, I’m having trouble changing the color of a title in WordPress’ own text widget within a pagebuilder row. I’ve tried giving the widget the ID: #senesteArbejde (I’ve done this under wp admin -> edit page -> selecting the wp text widget -> adding the ID in the ‘Widget ID’ field under attributes), and I…

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