How do I delete siteurl from pages?

By Terrakotus, 7 years ago
Hi all! I have a SiteOrigin plugin installed on one my websites. The problem is that there are lots links like http://site.com/wp-content/…/blah-blah-blah.jpg in every page (not wp posts if that matters). The problem is that I need to switch to https and all these http links prevent SSL from working correctly. Is there any way…

Change Padding in rows

By Jesus Rodriguez, 7 years ago
Hi guys. I´m using: 1. Rocked Theme – Demo here 2. Page Builder by SiteOrigin 3. SiteOrigin CSS 4. My website: networklatino.us My question is: I can not modify padding in every row, right now is element.style { padding: 100px 0; } I add this to Custom CSS .element.style { padding: 10px 0 !important; }…

Toggle div with Pagebuilder layout/row inside

By joellisenby, 7 years ago
Is there a way to manually call the js function that recalculates the width,margin,padding of a full width row on a row by classname/id. I have a plugin that has tabs with pagebuilder layouts inside and when I click from tab to tab the layouts do not calculate to full width properly so I need…

Having spacing problems

By Rikara Bullock, 7 years ago
So I tried setting my bottom margins to o and also tried to rollback page builder. My “our services” widget is not coming up where the space is. My url is http://famousmarketingmedia.com . Please help, thank you.

2.5.2 broken Row -about to write a Review!

By emad moradian, 7 years ago
3days ago i`ve updated Page Builder to latest version which is 2.5.2 since then all my Rows are broken, they are not dividing the space and showing everything in one row. You can have a look, body and footer. Home What should i do? I`vent tried any fix not to mess it up anymore.

Website width problem!

Ever since I updated SiteOrigin, when I enter Features service the website on smaller devices goes left and right. I tried disabling the feature and it works fine. I tried setting some CSS style to disable padding or margin to some elements, but nothing works. The link to my website is: http://onepage.42studios.mk/. Try to resize…

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