Page Builder – Cannot view content in iPhone Reader mode

By Ziniz Cheng, 7 years ago
從屬相看透你的一生!越看越准!(上)鼠牛虎兔 I have just built an article with page builder, everything looks great except that it cannot be viewed in iPhone “Reader” mode (the top left button with 3 long line and 1 short line). I think it’s an issue with the page editor, anyone experience the same? Thank you all for your great support!

Export ->Import

Hi having more then 500 posts with Page Builder by SiteOrigin, now i need to export all posts and import to other domain, but other domain haven’t use this plugin. i need to import in default Editor, is this possible ? because this plugin have Shortcode in text view. any quick solution ? Thanks Ahir

CSS Loading on mobile, but not desktop

By Scott May, 7 years ago
Site-Origin CSS is no longer showing on the desktop. It shows just fine on mobile. It was working this morning and then just suddenly stopped. The file has no errors and is being called fine in the inspector as the last stylesheet loaded. I deactivated all pulg-ins beside the Site-Origin ones. I do not know…

Hero Image Does Not Scale on Phone

By Ivana Dubravic, 7 years ago
Hi there, I made the pages with Page Builder plugin (SiteOrigin Hero) but when viewing it on mobile devices the images are cut. What can I do to fit this pictures on phone browser? Here the page: http://io-smarthome.com/life Any help would be greatly appreciated…

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