Hero widget stopped showing after latest update

By Lukas Cech, 7 years ago
all worked fine until I updated to the latest pagebuilder (2.5.3) and SO widgets bundle (1.8.6). Now hero widget doesnt show at all. In developer console it shows height 0 regardless of height setting. I have no cache plugin. page: wittyguide.com can provide login details per email. tried also switching off other plugins, no change…

updated and now i have unwanted padding between rows

By dlsurveys, 7 years ago
Hi I updated a to the latest version of pagebuilder yesterday and now I seem to have additional padding between the first row and the slider as well as between the first and second row on my homepage. http://www.dlsurveys.com.au/ I’m new to webdesign so there’s probably something I’ve missed. I have set all the padding…

Page Builder Row Height issue

By Nicovideo, 7 years ago
Hi! I’m facing the exact same issue than this one. When I create a new row, it automatically takes a height of 942px… which is far too much of course. The front result is a flexy ugly height of the last widget in the row (I have only one column). I tried to switch to…

Missing Widget inside Layout Builder

By carlos.guzman, 7 years ago
Then we added our widget inside a column of the inner row. The widget works well when it is just added and if I save the post, then the widget settings are saved correctly but when edition page is reloaded and I save again without opening the widget settings, then the error appears.

css align menu center

By Ben khemais Aymen, 7 years ago
Hi everyone, I really need your help please, I am actually trying to align my menu in the center but it stays on the left :( I clicked on the eye, went to text align and tried to put it in the center and even on the right. But it doesn’t work. I’ve just started…

column only works when logged in

By nativetheory, 7 years ago
I just started using the siteorigin page builder and am trying to setup a row with 3 columns. The page looks fine when I’m logged in but the text entered in each column is getting stacked on top of each other when I’m logged out. Can you help? when logged in: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dxl2rmtzldknq7a/Screen%20Shot%202017-05-18%20at%204.44.44%20PM.png?dl=0 when not logged…

Page Builder – Cannot view content in iPhone Reader mode

By Ziniz Cheng, 7 years ago
從屬相看透你的一生!越看越准!(上)鼠牛虎兔 I have just built an article with page builder, everything looks great except that it cannot be viewed in iPhone “Reader” mode (the top left button with 3 long line and 1 short line). I think it’s an issue with the page editor, anyone experience the same? Thank you all for your great support!

Export ->Import

Hi having more then 500 posts with Page Builder by SiteOrigin, now i need to export all posts and import to other domain, but other domain haven’t use this plugin. i need to import in default Editor, is this possible ? because this plugin have Shortcode in text view. any quick solution ? Thanks Ahir

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