Trouble with publication in blog section

By MariaTeresa Alessandrini, 7 years ago
Hi sirs. I’ve a problem with this site: www.ristorantedonpepe.it I send a screen shot to understand better that I mean, bottom this page I’ve created a post, inside blog, using “page buolder. But in Home Page, under the picture compares all the “html code”. Why? If I use normal editor it’s ok. But I’d want…

Plugin Crash

By ChecMark, 7 years ago
Only one widget out of many was saved and everything else was gone. As soon as I selected the widget I was suddenly in the lower section of the page where social was, for example and there was no way to move the widget up to the row.

How to display So PageBuilder layout programmatically ?

By Fernand Gary, 7 years ago
Hello! I’m trying to display a PageBuilder layout into a page from another page. I’ve tried many solutions (setup_postdata, new SiteOrigin_Panels instance, shortcode, widget with PageBuilder), but nothing work. The post content stay filtered. In the fact, it’s for an MU platform, I must “clone” content from main site to child, and it must stay…

Change ‘submit button’ text to lowercase?

How can I change the submit button text on the site origin form, from uppercase to lowercase? It’s on this page: http://newsite.advswimschool.co.uk/?page_id=180 There’s nothing in the settings section. I’m still learning how to use WordPress so my knowledge of CSS is fairly limited but I did try looking for the button in the site inspector…

Cell index problem

Before updating the plugin $panels data have a cell index value, but after update the v.2.5.0 cell index value is missing. Is there any idea to solve this problem, because my lot of site i styled like that.

Hello everyone I need advice(help).

By cikavuve, 7 years ago
Hello guys I’m new to building site with wordpress(actually first time doing it) and I cannot find solution to one of my problems. Problem is that when I use page builder hero widget for example I have 3 cells in one row and all of them are hero widgets, when i add text my page…

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