Weird backslashes in some text widet content?

By Mike Dacre, 7 years ago
I just migrated our new site from production to live and I used Duplicator Pro to port it to the new directory/URL. At first everything was fine, but in the process of changing over the content URLs to the https version, I seem to have broken something in a very confusing way: random widgets are…

JS Code

By epicenter123, 7 years ago
With visual composer I can add build my page and add JS code to a row or column easily by using there Raw JS option. Is there another way to accomplish this where I can use the page builder to build the page and then add these types of things into the page builder page.

Page with old blog posts

By Furniere Mattias, 7 years ago
Hi There, I've blogged 2 years on wordpress.com, a month ago i've started a new blog page on a self-hosted site, with the vantage-team. I want to post old blog posts on a different page of the homepage with page builder.

FitText not working

By Varian2007, 7 years ago
I’m using SiteOrigin Headlines throughout my site however none of the headline text is responsive when viewing on mobile or tablet. I’ve selected FitText in the headline options however it appears to do nothing. The font does not resize as expected. Can you please have a look at the site http://www.varipix.com/content/ Any advice would be…

SiteOrigin Hero Image

Hello, Is there a way of removing a shadow from the text in the SiteOrigin Hero Image widget? I see that there is a slider to the Heading shadow intensity, but I would like to remove the shadow from other text as well. Thank you very much for your help! Anna

Images have different sizes in Siteorigin Image Row

By Julie Nassr, 7 years ago
Hi, I am not a professional and I am facing difficulties of having the images in the same size in a row: http://hawasafaga.com/catamaran/?preview_id=553&preview_nonce=42ddfbd8bb&_thumbnail_id=-1&preview=true (courses and freeriders). I tried to re-size the image to the same size, but it is still smaller. Would be grateful for help! Thanks, Julie

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