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Custom Styling for #pgc resets after update

I currently have the following setup

[Layout builder][site origin editor]

[siteorigin button][siteorigin button]

I need to style the “row” of the two buttons in a certain way which is not possible with the panel grid. but only within the panel grid cell (PGC) cause I need to remove the padding between the two buttons so they are sitting side by side plus they need to touch the overall div they are sitting in.

So currently I have the solution:

#pgc-w58f3cd3295637-1-0, #pgc-w58f3cd3295637-1-1 {
padding: 0px!important;
margin-bottom: 0px !important;}

HOWEVER this only works as long as I dont press the edit button that is affiliated with these pgc. If I do do this I need to reupdate my custom css, because the pgc will renew itself. Are there any plans later to be able to thus add custom css to pgc.

Best regards

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