On Page Builder Layouts

By wolfpup64, 7 years ago
I seem to have misplaced the posts page that came with my theme (boss.), and I’m trying to figure out a suitable page layout for posts, the boss. one wasnt a great fit anyway. I stumbled upon the Page Builder Layouts and didn’t seem to find a great fit on there but noticed the tab…

Headline background color

By morsagmon, 7 years ago
Hi. I’m taking my first steps with your page builder. I could not find where I can change the background color of the Headline widget. In this page you can see the yellow background of the second widget (containing text “Speaking business language with you…”). Where can I change this color?

Slider image height in Vantage

By birdsong, 7 years ago
I have Metaslider set to 600 px high but my images (also 600 px high) are being stretched and the tops and bottoms are being cut off. How can I solve this? http://www.platformcapital.ca/ http://www.platformcapital.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/map600.jpg

Best way for layout 2 column

By Davide Filippi, 7 years ago
Hi all, I’m trying to do a layout with 2 column. The left one must to be fixed and contain a list of name product that have to be linkable. The right one is the target of that link. It contain [title of product (link target)- description]. What is the best way to do this?

Hero widget width problem

Hi! I’ve read multiple threads about this but none has solved my problem. I can’t make my hero widget full width.. There’s a small space left which i can’t seem to cover… My website: http://www.jesperpoulsen.se/ Using “North template”

How to create new Template (SiteOrigin-North w WooCommerce)

By learning2, 7 years ago
Of course everything has changed since I started building this site. WordPress is now up-to-date with 4.6.1 (which auto updates automatically, this really scares me…) and I’ve updated to WooCommerce to 2.6.7. Everything I found related to creating a new template is now out-dated for the versions I’m using. I copied the WooCommerce template folder…

How Do I Start Over Again?

By Frank W, 7 years ago
I am trying to design our website using your free version of the theme Vantage. Somewhere along the way, I have managed to lose the entire menu bar and generally bollocks the entire page! I would like to just begin over again, but though I have deleted and then re=added the Vantage theme, what appears…

How to remove a Widget from a row.

By moonbow9, 7 years ago
Hi- New to using siteOrigin and WordPress and I am looking to remove a widget from a row. Does anyone know where I can do this? I see I can delete a row and duplicate a row and add new widgets, but I can’t find the spot to remove a widget from the row. thanks!

Center align a video

By moonbow9, 7 years ago
Hi Support team- I am a new user of site origin and novice to WordPress. I am having trouble aligning a video using the SiteOrigin Video Player. Is there a way to do this? Right now the video is left justified and I don’t see an option to center. Thanks for your help!

SiteOrigin Google Maps not displaying on site

By Adatti Service, 7 years ago
Hello, I am trying to put Maps on my contact page. Even though i made an API Key, installed JavaScript API, Embed API, Geocoding API and Static Maps API, i have no succes. If i try a static one, i get a tiny crash image and after opening it in a new tab i see…

single Product display size issue

By Anil Kumar, 7 years ago
Hi, I am using this Vantage theme along woocommerce application. Single product image display size is too large, i tried several ways to resize the display size including changing in woocommerce setting and using ‘regenerate image’ plugin but nothing working in my side! Please help

SiteOrigin Image widget and text wrapping

By kpotter, 7 years ago
This code snippet comes from the page source. It stems from the use of SiteOrigin Image widget. I have attempted to customize RowId, RowClass, CellClass, and WidgetClass to force the image to float, but no CSS style customization affects div with id=”panel-10-0-0-0″. If I manually enter style=”float: left;” on this line when INSPECTING the page,…

Posts not linking hyperlinks

By dsomm1402, 7 years ago
We are working on our press coverage and the read more isn’t hyperlinking. We are using siteorigin and some of the posts work and the last four we posted aren’t. Is anyone having this type of issue? Thank you, Dori Scivantage