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max-width por panel-grid

Hello again!!

I´m sorry to write again with more doubts..

But I have been trying to change with of panel-grid, in order to have it up to max-width=760px, so when you look posts in ipad (portrtait postion) it looks in an arow and not in columns, as it looks in desktop, this is because it says ( . @media (max-width: 780px) .panel-grid ), and it should be 760 px in order to see it ok in ipad…

When I change the max-width in Element Inspector of Chrome, it changes as I want, but I have tried to write:

. @media (max-width: 760px) .panel-grid

in css but it does nothing..

Where can I change this? Thank you very much!

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  1. 7 years, 2 days ago Greg Priday Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Et

    Apologies for the delay. Here’s a page detailing how our support priority queue works – https://siteorigin.com/about/forum-thread-prioritization/. Unfortunately we can’t answer all free threads in a timely manner, but we are introducing a premium support offering for all our products next year.

    To change the Page Builder column responsive collapse point, go to to Settings > Page Builder > Layout > Mobile Width.

    Hope that helps.

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