Changing txt/link color, moving header links and logo

By tingfinder, 7 years ago
Hi there, i’ve been setting up my first WP site with SiteOrigin North theme, and it makes it a lot easier to get in to. There are 2 things that i can’t figure out how to do, and i’ve looked around, trying different things recommended, etc. The default text color for quotes and links in…

Changing quote text color, moving header links

By tingfinder, 7 years ago
Hi there, i just made this forum post: I fixed the issue i was having with red colored unchangeable links, by using a custom CSS script i found posted on here by someone else, and adding a few more colorcodes. I’ll add the code at the bottom of this post, if anyone else might…

3 colums in 1 row when shown on phone?

By Katrine Gregersen, 7 years ago
Hey! I’ve been looking for an answer to this for quite a while now and I finally decided to just create a post. I’m making a personal website as a part of an exam and one requirement is that it has to be responsive. My problem is that when I create 3 columns in a…

Theme: Focus, documentation, feedback and questions as new user

By Darp, 7 years ago
Hello, on the documentation for Focus I did watch videos etc. It said to select settings, reading Your latest posts, but at the top it says “Plugins required” or activate, this is not mentioned in documentation and seems necessary. here is mesg The following recommended plugins are currently inactive: SiteOrigin CSS, SiteOrigin Page Builder and…

my metaslider image is blurred

By Jude Elue, 7 years ago
please i need help in making my meta slider image appear sharp….even after setting it to 1080 x 420, its still blurred but becomes sharp if i resize my browser window. andrew pls help. i really like this theme thanks.

Can’t edit big text in visual editor

By Robert Drygas, 7 years ago
Hi! I have problem similar to this one. When I click to edit the content no content shows and I get the page load spinning symbol. In my case is a lot of text, over 100 kilobytes. The website is running on my company server (I’m not the admin, only maintaining content of the website).…

Centering containers in the row

By Kali Kasprzyk, 7 years ago
I am trying to center two containers in the same row- I would like the right container (blue/green background) to always center itself with the left container (text and accordian) Is it possible to put CSS in the attritbutes section of the right container to accomplish this? What would that look like? For reference:

Row Design Tab Missing

By christine sass, 7 years ago
Hello. I am trying to style a row that I have on a page. I made the row full width stretched and want to have a background image that fills the entire background. Not tiled. Looking at your documentation here you show that there should be a design tab where I can add an…

Put pages in widgets

By Sonya Feher, 7 years ago
Hi, I’m trying to add a post grid with widgets linking to different pages of my website. Using page builder, is there a way that I can specify which pages should show up on my home page grid? I just see the Pages widget, but don’t want a list of pages. I want to add…

Midia Logo gone

By Davi de Paulo, 7 years ago
Hi Guys, I altered the color of the icons, but the icon image (like the F from facebook icon) is gone , any idea about it? the website is Thank you

So widgets missing

SO widgets missing from WordPress dashboard. Installed and activated latest release but no widgets on Sydney theme. I had to FTP the older version and the widgets bundle then it all started working.