PageBuilder not saving

By Niall Breathnach, 10 days ago. Last reply by Niall Breathnach, 3 days ago
Hi all, My Pagebuilder has stopped saving any content or attributes as of this morning. All was working perfectly prior to this. I emptied my browser cache, tried different browsers, changed to the 2017 theme and disabled all non-siteorigin plugins but still no luck. When I do make a change it doesn’t save, and I…

Columns Collapse on Mobile View

By Andrea Knappe, 3 days ago
Hi! I’m using Site Origin Page Builder and am using multiple columns on the pages “Preisliste” (4 columns) and “Termin Buchen” (2 columns) which collpase on top of each other on mobile view. How can I prevent the collapse, so that you can see the columns next to each other on mobile view? I’d like…

WordPress v4.9 Dutch

By Wim Baars, 3 days ago
As i mentioned earlier, i have problems with the widgets after i installed WordPress v4.9 Dutch version. The problem is more specific. The widget “custom HTML” is not displaying content, you cannot add content. Screen is blanc. I do not overview the whole situation, but this is the first problem i found. The Siteorigin editor…

wordpress 4.9 NL

By Wim Baars, 3 days ago
hi there, i installed WordPress 4.9 Dutch version. After the update it seems that the widgets not working anymore. I got a blanc screen, not possible to add anything. Is this a problem from the WordPress new version? Regards.

SiteOrigin Custom HTML Widget editor is blank

By cddrummond, 4 days ago
Hello, Ever since I updated to WordPress 4.9 and to PageBuilder 2.5.14 (and Widgets Bundle 1.11.0), I cannot edit any of my Custom HTML widgets. When I go to wp-admin > Pages > Edit (a page) > Edit (a SiteOrigin widget), the modal window opens, and “Attributes”, “Layout”, and “Design” are on the right, but…


By Philip Barrington, 4 days ago
I am going to say it simply. I have used TablePress. Great plugin when that is what you need. However there are lots of times when it is just another burdon. What I would really like is a Table Widget as part of the SiteOrigin widgets bundle. My reasons are simple and selfish. I will…

Visual Text Editor Drop Down Menus Not Working

By High Performance Soccer, 11 days ago. Last reply by High Performance Soccer, 4 days ago
I am running WP version 4.8.3, with a third party theme. I downloaded the Page Builder + Widgets plugins today. When I am writing text in the text editor widget, the drop down menus that allow me to change the font size, header style, and font are not showing up. However, I do notice that…

Visual Editor not working

By Stephen Wells, 8 days ago. Last reply by Stephen Wells, 4 days ago
Hi, I’m having a problem with a site I created for a client a few years back ( – the visual editor seems to have stopped working. It’s the first time since May that they’ve tried to update the content, so I’m not sure at what point between now & they it stopped working. Wordpress/theme/plugins…

mobil format display error

By Josh Caudill, 10 days ago. Last reply by Josh Caudill, 4 days ago
Hello, I am using the sightorigin features widget on my home page. Everything looks fine for the desktop and phone display. For a table/iPad, when it is on its side, the widget section, called Emergency service, is displayed under Free On-Time Delivery, but should be next to it. Could someone advise of how to correct?…