Mobile only rows

By Tom, 15 days ago. Last reply by Aaron Evans, 15 days ago
I cannot make the css additions on this post work using the row class. If I put the css class in the cell class it works. What I might be doing wrong.

Not able to post new page or post

By Lena Lamontagne, 15 days ago. Last reply by Aaron Evans, 15 days ago
Hello, I am not able to post new page or post. The pages are using Site Origin Page Builder. I contacted the theme maker of the theme and he suggested that i contact you as the error seems to stem from your plugin. See error below that i received in email. I have since updated…

How can I revert to a previous version

By Burty Baker, 16 days ago. Last reply by Aaron Evans, 15 days ago
I have used Page Builder by SiteOrigin for my website ( for a number of years. I haven’t modified my website for quite a while but when I visited it a few days ago I saw that a number of my plugins had updates available. After I had updated Page Builder I was no longer…

big picture in header

By olga08, 17 days ago. Last reply by Aaron Evans, 15 days ago
Hello! I’m using the Flash theme with the PageBuilder SiteOrigin page builder, I want the big picture in the header to be displayed in the header of the site. Tell me how to do this? Previously, it got up very well (from the beginning of the screen), the header information was displayed at the top…

Page Builder Overwrites Posts

By mflores57, 20 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 16 days ago
Hello. I’m having an issue with Page Builder. When the plugin is activated it rewrites current (and newer posts) with older posts I’ve published several years ago. When I deactivate the plugin, every posts reverts back to normal. I’m not quite sure how to resolve this issue. Current WordPress version: 5.6.1

Parallax problem on Chrome and Edge

By jrichard, 20 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 17 days ago
Hi, I’m using Siteorigin Page builder and I’ve got an issue with the parallax effect that only occurs on Chrome and Edge but not Firefox or mobile. The page link : At the very bottom of the page, the background behind the Siteorigin Services widget seems mispositioned and white appears at the bottom. I…

Contact form error

By mwolters18, 1 month ago. Last reply by Aaron Evans, 17 days ago
Dear reader, On the website I build for my sister, the contact form suddenly doesn’t work anymore. The error says that there are issues sending the e-mail, and suggest to try again later. Actions I’ve allready tried: – Update all plugins etc. – Check e-mail plugin –> the website sends e-mails – I tried deactivating…

Content Restriction

By eugstman, 21 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 19 days ago
I have a page which requires a login, and would like to restrict some content of the page depending on the logged in user. Is there a way to achieve this with page builder? I tried some plugins like “”. It allows to set the restriction directly in the page editor but I found no…