How to Create Site Origin New Widget

By codecans, 19 hours ago
Hi, I have Follower Full Documentation: But I am unable to Show Widgets In SiteOrigin Widget Panel. I have Directly Used Developer Example: But There is no New Widget Menu or widget showing in SiteOrigin Widget Panel Can you please Help

Cell vertical alignment

By hanscie, 20 hours ago
Hi, I try to get two columns to the right of a picture that is in the first left column, so have 3 columns with the same height with the above mentioned widget. The columns hav a background color. Using the stretch variable in any way or form seems to have no effect at all……

Features Widget – Center Alignment

By Tony Matesi, 7 days ago. Last reply by Tony Matesi, 21 hours ago
Hi, I purchased the Trade theme from and I am using it to build a website.The theme came with SiteOrigin Page Builder and Widgets. I am struggling to get the Icons to align center. Do I need custom CSS to do this? I thought this would be built into the widget/page builder options. Website:…

Full Width Stretch seems not to be stable.

Hello, Thank you you for Page-Builder, it is still the best and most intuitive site designing tool to use for WordPress. Even when a theme comes with its own pagebuilder, I always default to siteorigin. And thank you for maintain this support forum as well. This past month is the first time I am experiencing…

Woocommerce Product Page Conflict

By Arzara, 1 day ago. Last reply by Andrew M, 1 day ago
after installing the update 2.6.5 there is an odd thing happening with some of our product pages. Everything looks fine until you select a variation from the drop down. Once selected somehow it is pulling the data from our home page and inserting it into the product description area above the actual description. Please help!!!…

Wordfence problem

By Mike Buttery, 1 day ago
Just updated siteorigin north. Go to edit home page, edit siteorigin hero and a white page comes up with date stamp. Turn off Wordfence and everything back to normal and can edit . Other siteorigin widgets do not appear to be affected

Aligning headers in Recent Posts widget

By james7270, 1 day ago
Hi :) I’m trying to build a new homepage layout using a Recent Posts widget. The .entry-header (the page name), and the EDIT link align left and take up 36% of the width by default, and the list of posts aligns right. This results in the posts wrapping tightly to the right, and a huge…