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Do you have plans to update the Twitter Logo from the bird to the new X verion for your SiteOrigin Social Media Buttons Widget?

If so, when? If not, do you have a solution that I can depliy?

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  1. 5 months, 18 days ago Andrew Misplon
    Hi, I Work Here

    Hi, thanks for posting your request. I don’t have a timeline at the moment, but I will forward your request to our developer. I’m sure he can attend soon.

  2. 5 months, 18 days ago Andrew Misplon
    Hi, I Work Here

    Hi again. The logo has been updated in the SiteOrigin Social Media Buttons Widget. Perhaps try adding a new widget to a test page to check? Thanks.

  3. 5 months, 16 days ago ASSP


    See that you really did not update the Twitter logo but rather you added a new dropdown network for X (Twitter) while keeping the Twitter (Classic Logo) option.

    Is there filter or script that can be used to replace the Classic Logo with the new X Logo?

    Have Twitter listed on 150 sites, which require the new logo, and do not want to have to go through each one to add the new X (Twitter) option, redo the link and remove the Twitter (Classic Logo) option.

  4. 5 months, 16 days ago Andrew Misplon
    Hi, I Work Here

    Hi, I’ve passed your feedback onto Alex at SiteOrigin. He’ll reply once he’s taken a look. Cheers.

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