North Sticky Footer

By AlenET, 6 years ago
Hi, I would like to have my footer stick to the bottom of my page on Child North theme. I saw a threat about that and the CSS code given there, but it doesn’t works. this is the threat link help on sticky footer siteorigin north are there any changes? Why doesn’t it work? Thanks…

Bootstrap Drag & Drop Page Builder

By onmarketing, 6 years ago
Good morning, I would like to have drag & drop page builder for a website project, make it easy to use, smooth for client. I have Bootstrap v4 HTML5 template that I want to integrate to page builder. Before I used Visual Composer but it has lots of issues. Do you know which drag &…

Removed copyright, but added huge link

By blackdots, 6 years ago
Hi my friends, im just here to let you know that i removed copyright link from my website. Im very happy and pleased with siteorigin plugin, that i added a partner banner linked to your website in my front page, i hope you accept this “deal”…i would… I wanted to contact you guys in private,…

SiteOrigin CSS

By Davis Smith, 6 years ago
I’m using the custom CSS plugin from SiteOrigin. I’m using WordPress on a local server, and I’m trying to find the file where I can edit the CSS directly. I’d rather use a text editor to edit this file, instead of the CSS console in WordPress. Could you point me where to find this file?

Problem with Page Builder and Widgets.

By Hudakoz, 6 years ago
I’ve been using page builder for 1 and a half years. It’s not a simple problem. Then again, I am not an expert with SiteOrigin. I am merely a user. I too am having a similar issue with SiteOragins Rich Texted Editor Widget and how it communicates with SiteOragins Page Builder. My Problem is defined…

cell size

By Peter Wilson, 6 years ago
hi im creating a cell with an image with description text, a cell below with a more info button how can I keep both the same size so they look equal www.crazygadgetgifts.co.uk Thanks for your help Pete

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