Margin Under Slider

By trailerparkboy, 2 hours ago

Hello, I’m using the Vantage theme (premium). I’m putting a horizontal opt-in form and would like to have it directly under the slider image (no whitespace). I’ve changed the padding on the optin form, but think I need to adjust any margins below the slider. I can’t seem to locate this in the css. Can […]

Melhorar interface WooCommerce

By Marcos Nazareth Souza, 2 hours ago

Olá! Utilizo wooomerce integrado ao tema Vantage. Embora seja compatível a interface padrão do plugin não me agrada. Podem me oferecer alguma sugestão para melhorá-la? URL:

Navigation menu font changes

By Robert Traynor, 8 days ago. Last reply by Robert Traynor, 2 hours ago

I changed the navigation menu font on my blog from Georgia to Open Sans a couple of days ago. Today I noticed that when I’m logged out, the font reverts to Georgia, but when I’m logged in it’s Open Sans. This is the code I have in Custom CSS: What modification do I need to […]

Mobile version not resizing images

By Kevin, 5 hours ago

Hello! Vantage is a wonderful theme that I was happy to buy two licenses for my project- one for my testing site (because I know I’ll be using it again and want to be able to play with Premium) and one for my client. In the testing area at the following URL: When I […]

snapshot theme

By Michael B, 7 days ago. Last reply by davidevans, 8 hours ago

I started with the basic snapshot theme. Then I signed up for your news letters to get the snapshot plus, I downloaded the theme then uploaded it to my site. and its not working. Is there a simpler way than deleting the basic theme then uploading the snapshot plus? If there is an easier way […]

Read More [bug?]

By Anik, 2 days ago. Last reply by Anik, 9 hours ago

Last update of Page Builder gives function “Read More” in Post Loop. The problem is when we use in Vantage option “Post Excerpt” (Theme Settings->Blog->Post Content->Post Excerpt). Then in Home Page with Post Loop I didn’t have “Read More” but only “[...]” which is unclickable. I think that here “Read more” is necessary. Can You […]

Origami Theme – Change Fonts

By, 10 hours ago

I’m currently using the premium version of Vantage in a site I’m working on and I love the Fonts options in the Customize menu under the Appearance tab. Does it work similarly with the premium for Origami? A few of my clients are using the Origami theme per my recommendations. They want to know if […]

Custom Taxonomy Support

By Jenny Smith, 1 day ago. Last reply by Greg Priday, 10 hours ago

Is it possible to add support for custom taxonomies in the next version of Vantage? Descriptions and titles of custom taxonomies don’t display when archives.php is called. Custom taxonomy tags don’t display on single posts, either.

Different Masthead Images / Background Images

By Lucas Martin, 11 hours ago. Last reply by Greg Priday, 10 hours ago

Dear Support-Team I’m using the vantage theme and was wondering if it’s possible to have different masthead background images for every single page. Is there a way to design the mastheads individually for the different pages of the menu? My second question is similar: Is it possible to set a background picture for a specific […]

OptimizePress 2.0

By Raccoon Sean, 1 day ago. Last reply by Greg Priday, 10 hours ago

Hey guys, got the premium Vantage theme. It’s wonderful although it seem’s that because I use it my optimise press software does not work. When you try and make changes in the live editor is just goes into a white blank screen. I’ve turned off all widgets and it still doesn’t work, only works when […]

Snapshot Plus

By Marco Heijndijk, 14 hours ago. Last reply by Greg Priday, 10 hours ago

Got a mail today that i could download SNapshot Plus, but i have Snapshot Premium, i bought that. But anyway, i thought because i got the mail that maybe it would be better , so i downloaded it and installed it, but it simply doesn’t show up in wordpress. I’m thinking that Premium would be […]

Search results display huge images

By animind, 2 days ago. Last reply by Greg Priday, 10 hours ago

Hi, I’m using vantage theme and woocommerce (if that matters), suddenly my search results display huge images and the text under them and not next to the image as before, it looks just awful. I haven’t made any changes to the .css , just a line I added which I erased, but it wasn’t the […]

Mobile menu display

By Joshua A. Weir, 8 days ago. Last reply by Greg Priday, 10 hours ago

I am having trouble with the display function on the phone when in portrait orientation. I have the responsive menu option checked and the pixel option of 480 set. Unfortunately, the pages are displaying both the responsive menu and the normal menu, which is wrapped into 3 lines. Is there a way to only have […]

logo is shrinking, images have boxes around them

By cal2000, 2 days ago. Last reply by Greg Priday, 10 hours ago

Hi there. this is my site when i moved the nav beside my logo my logo became increasingly small… how do i make it larger? also if you see on my quiz page there is a box around my image… how do i make this go away? and lastly what is the little […]


By Chris Pascuzzo, 1 day ago. Last reply by Greg Priday, 10 hours ago

Greg, I built a website using the Vantage theme. Which by the way is awesome in it’s own right! I have run into a problem getting the FontAwsome images or characters to appear on the URL that is the redirect. You’ll notice that the 1st URL the images appear and the 2nd URL the images […]