Trying to update Vantage Premium

By Jessica Lorber, 1 hour ago

Hi there, I just downloaded the free version of Vantage and decided to upgrade. When I try to instal Vantage 2.2, WordPress gives me a “Instalation Failed” message because the theme is already installed and there is already a folder there. Can I upgrade without installing the Vantage 2.2 Zip file?

Override customizer.php

By infoserwis, 2 hours ago

Hi, I’m trying to customize “vantagepremiumextrascustomizercustomizer.php” file (add subset to Google fonts) but I want to do it from child theme. Simple copy, edit and paste in child theme is not working (still uses template theme file). Adding require_one (“premium/extras/customizer/customizer.php”) to functions.php in child theme results fatal errors. Is it possible to do it from […]

Page Builder doesn’t appears in editor (with other users)

By Nokeo Miga, 3 hours ago

Hi all, when I use Page Builder with de main Administrator I don´t have problems, but if I use another user (new Administrator or Autor) the Page Builder doesn’t appears in standard editor. Image with my problem > Thanxs and congratulations for the plugin. Gaspar (Granada – Spain)

Remove side bar from posts/blog page

By Michael Stinson, 6 hours ago. Last reply by Michael Stinson, 6 hours ago

I read a bunch of posts but I couldn’t find an answer. I am trying to remove the sidebar on my posts page. I have tried using jetpack to do this as well as woosidebar. I changed the page template. Nothing seems to work…the side bar remains on this page. In particular on one of […]

Small fonts in Explorer IE9

By Raúl Pérez Ramírez, 11 days ago. Last reply by Raúl Pérez Ramírez, 7 hours ago

Hi Greg, I have a vantage premium, i paid but i didn’t receive the order number. In IE9 body fonts are very small . Could you help me? Thank you.

origami with side panel

By ijane, 21 hours ago. Last reply by ijane, 8 hours ago

I really like origami, except for not having a side panel. Can you suggest another theme of yours that would better fit my needs, or, do you expect to add a side panel to origami? This site only need a post, no pages.

Template for text widget possible?

By Philipp, 8 hours ago

Hey guys, is it possible to create a new or modify an existing template for the text widget (or maybe others aswell) that I can add in the Page Builder? It would be great if the style of this widget would match the rest of my site. Cheers Philipp

Vantage hybrid full-width / sidebar

By shingudaze, 8 hours ago

Hi, I just upgraded to Premium, and thank you for the theme and tools. I’d like some help trying to achieve some particular customizations. I’m using the default Vantage theme at the moment, but would like to have the row of 3 ‘circle icons’ display 5 circle icons, and be full width like the slider […]

Last update changed my whole layout

By Mirjana Petrovic, 14 hours ago. Last reply by Mirjana Petrovic, 13 hours ago

Hi there, Just updated the theme and now my page is all messed up. I have a side-bar, witch I didn’t had before. There’s a ‘leave a comment’ under every page. The colors of my menubar changed. So when I scroll over the bar, the color is now blue in stead of the color I […]

How to redcude paragraph spacing?

By selcukozmumcu, 14 hours ago. Last reply by selcukozmumcu, 14 hours ago

Hi, I am a premium vantage theme member. I want to reduce the line spacing, in visual editor. I already installed Black Studio “Black Studio TinyMCE Widget”, but it does not solve the problem. Here is the link to my contact page, at the right side, I can not reduce the line spacing even if […]

Single Post Prewiew

By E-Mail Logic, 5 days ago. Last reply by E-Mail Logic, 14 hours ago

I’m looking for a widget that preview a single post in a page – using a catagorie. I’ve installed Single Post Preview – but it doesn’t sem to post move that the title Any ideas?

Page Background Colours

By Jennifer Mulligan, 17 hours ago

Hi – I would like to know how to set the page background colours as I don’t seem to have this option. Is this only for Paid users?

Change admin language Pitch

By Lieke (Liber Media), 17 hours ago

Hi there! I installed wordpress (admin) in Dutch and am using the Pitch Premium theme. However, I’m working with several people who don’t speak Dutch so I’d like to change the admin theme to English. I’ve seen several wordpress-threads about changing the language ( but in the Pitch theme I can’t seem to find wp-config.php […]

Second Footer is the possible

By Sascha Drömer, 18 hours ago

I would like to set up a second footer. The gets a different color and text. Just as in this example: is that possible? Thanks

Show one post with post loop on homepage

By creative.xscape, 18 hours ago

Hi, I am having trouble with post loop. I want to show the most recent post from each category on the home page. But only one post with no next buttons. I also don’t want to show the entire post, just an excerpt. Right now it’s pulling all of the posts and adding navigation which […]