Demo slider—how to change images / overlay

By Marina Stamos, 3 days ago. Last reply by Nathan Baker, 20 minutes ago

HI! Just downloaded influence for LOVE IT! Trying to see how to change the overlay and background images in the slider. ALso, the specs (size /format) of the background and foreground images? I tried to figure it out…checked the threads (I’m not a techie…just a home user). Also, how to upload a favicon? If […]

changing a domain name

By yurigoul, 28 minutes ago

Hi, I changed my domain name from a development subdomain ( to my main domain. I did a mysql export, changed all references to to and after an import all content is there – the only thing is that it is no longer in pagebuilder, but directly in the content field – which […]

Icons dissapearance after update.

By Simas Simsimas, 57 minutes ago

Hello, After updating WP to 4.0 and Vantage theme, the Home, Search and Arrow icons have disappeared. Screenshot: Any suggestions? Thank you for spectacular Vantage theme and hope to hear from you soon! Kind regards, Simas. URL:

Change link title for icons in Vantage social media widget

By Lana LakoĆemo Orton, 4 days ago. Last reply by Lana LakoĆemo Orton, 2 hours ago

Hi, I already saw threads saying that the circle icons cannot have a link title added to them. However, I have a similar, but slightly different question: I’m using the Vantage social media widget for displaying social media profiles of different brands/products, and not just our own (see link attached). Also, I am using one […]

How to move sidebar to left side

By Mikael Jokinen, 3 hours ago

Hello I’m building a page layout for a new customer, and I will use Vantage premium theme if I can get this working. I would need to move the sidebar to the left side on all pages which have sidebars. Is that possible to do with the Vantage theme? URL:

Error with siteorigin-panels

By Daniel Rosales, 4 days ago. Last reply by Daniel Rosales, 3 hours ago

Saludos, Acabo de actualizar mi web a WordPress 4.0 y se ha desconfigurado mi sitio, al querer editar siteorigin-panels me muestra el siguiente mensaje, Edit SiteOrigin Panels Widget Modulos Widget This widget is not available, please install the missing plugin. Help, I’m having a lot because of this… URL:


By Danielle Shaw, 19 hours ago. Last reply by Danielle Shaw, 5 hours ago

Using Vantage Premium and I can’t seem to edit padding on the masthead. This is what I’m seeing: Basically, I want the Login section to be bumped to the top of the masthead. I’ve tried editing CSS and a few other tweaks with no solid results. It’s either something simple or it’s not possible. Hoping […]

Relative Url and Page Builder

By Ricardo Theiss, 5 hours ago

Hi! I’m running Vantage Theme and I’ve been having some problems with relative URLs. Look, when I acess my website for, it works ok. But, if I acess for like the CSS doesn’t load. It happened because I’m not using relative URL. So, I installed the Relative URL plugin to fix this. So, […]

Incorrect permalink for Blog Posts

By Wesley Mathew, 5 hours ago

Hi there, I’m using your Vantage Premium theme. When creating blog posts WordPress automatically generates a permalink that points to one of my unrelated pages, as opposed to the respective post. It also doesn’t give me the option to edit the permalink. Please advise how I can rectify this. Kindly, Wesley URL:

Changing Header Text Color

By DavideC, 5 hours ago

How can I change the Header Text Color? I’ve tried to follow the past thread modifying the Custom CSS like this: but text still grey. Thanks Davide URL:

So post by category on home page

By Vibol Vireak, 12 hours ago. Last reply by Vibol Vireak, 5 hours ago

Hello, i really want to show the recently post with category that i want to. Example i have create 1 2 3 category and in the home page on want to show only post in category 2 only. Anyone can help? thank for your kindness

Trying to find a slider plugin for SiteOrgin Page Builder

By Clay Young, 6 hours ago

I have a client looking for a slider similar to the main one on the home page of Can you make any suggestions? He loves the way the thumbnails are embedded in the slider. Also, if SiteOrgin has any themes similar to the look and feel of the one mentioned. My client loves the […]

Removing “view in full size” option.

By gortiz617, 4 days ago. Last reply by gortiz617, 7 hours ago

I would like to remove the “view in full size” button that appears in the bottom right in the Carousal viewer under the origami gallery. I would like my images to be protected from drag or right click but when viewed in full size from that button they are accessible. Right now I have a […]

the page slider on vantage theme is too big,

By Dudi Ross, 1 day ago. Last reply by Dudi Ross, 8 hours ago

how do i resize the page slider in the vantage theme? when i change the actual slider settings the page slider stays the same size but the images get blurred – ie they were made smaller by the slider settings and then the page slider blew the images up pls help quick thanks

Large images in Search Results

By Jac Blom, 3 days ago. Last reply by Jac Blom, 8 hours ago

While working with Theme Vantage in combination with WooCommerce (product catalog) everything works pretty well. After adjusting some settings, all thumbnails and product images are displayed very good. Only, when I use the Search option the results page shows extremely large pictures. Any idea where I can adjust these settings? Preferable is a results page […]

Visual Editor disabled

By ewa cichocka, 4 days ago. Last reply by ewa cichocka, 8 hours ago

hi, I moved my website in server (folder to second folder) and after that this problem occurred. Before it was all good. So now, I have problem with Visual Editor Tab – when I edit some subpage I use the Page Builder by SiteOrigin, but to edit texts I use “Black Studio TinyMCE Widget” and […]

Page Builder Seo by Yoast and Visual Editor – not working together

By Simon Rogers, 4 days ago. Last reply by Simon Rogers, 8 hours ago

Hi Further to this thread. I have just built a site and have the same original issues. I hope to have checked everything as previously stated but still get content – no. Black Studio TinyMCE Widget Deactivate | Edit Adds a new “Visual Editor” widget type based on the native WordPress TinyMCE editor. Version […]

Problems with strange font kerning – circle icon

By SweetBeePixels, 22 hours ago. Last reply by SweetBeePixels, 9 hours ago

Hi…I’m having a bit of a problem. Here’s the temporary site: (it’s not live yet) I absolutely love the Vantage theme. It’s been great so far and I’m looking forward to finishing the site with a store, etc. The only problem I’m having is that the text underneath the two circle icons on the […]

Do I need to make a Child Theme?

By Wesley Mathew, 9 hours ago

I am currently using the Vantage Theme. I will only be making minor edits to the CSS manually, most of the changes will be through plugins, so I feel a child theme might be overkill. I’d like to know whether newer versions of Vantage will overwrite changes I make to the theme via plugins or […]