Hello everyone I need advice(help).

By cikavuve, 7 years ago
Hello guys I’m new to building site with wordpress(actually first time doing it) and I cannot find solution to one of my problems. Problem is that when I use page builder hero widget for example I have 3 cells in one row and all of them are hero widgets, when i add text my page…

Change default page size

By Jordy Mouton, 7 years ago
Hi there, Www.knuffelatelier.be Vantage premium theme. Is it possible to change page size from 1080 to 1280 default? So the grey box dissapears. But we don’t have to use full screen because it stretches to much on big macs? Thanks in advance, Jordy

Hello “Name” and login/logout in menu

By Lucio, 7 years ago
Hello And thanks for your “FREE” great job :) :) Is there a simple way to add text like “Hello Lucio-Disconnect” with a direct disconnection link (directly returning to homapege after disconnect) in the main menu of my Vantage theme Tried some plugins, but none seems to give the ability of displaying connected user name…

2.5.2 broken Row -about to write a Review!

By emad moradian, 7 years ago
3days ago i`ve updated Page Builder to latest version which is 2.5.2 since then all my Rows are broken, they are not dividing the space and showing everything in one row. You can have a look, body and footer. Home What should i do? I`vent tried any fix not to mess it up anymore.

Siteorigin update – .panel-grid-cell padding

By justin abes, 7 years ago
Hi Support I updated the SiteOrigin pluing today including theme however now I have inline CSS on div .panel-grid-cell padding with !important attrabutes. This is confilicting with the original styling and any new CSS applied cannot be overwritten. Please can someone advise how I can resolve. Thanks URL: http://igrow.co.za/

css align menu center

By Ben khemais Aymen, 7 years ago
Hi everyone, I really need your help please, I am actually trying to align my menu in the center but it stays on the left :( I clicked on the eye, went to text align and tried to put it in the center and even on the right. But it doesn’t work. I’ve just started…

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