My Site Orgin Hero’s won’t disaplay

By Kim Allen, 5 days ago
Hi, I have two Hero’s on my homepage Https:// Both disappeared this morning after I deleted the cache. As di the other three I have on various pages. They are still there when I edit the page however, they don’t display. It seems to be related to WordPress 4.9 per my earlier post with buttons…

SiteOrigin Button : does not work

Hi This is a reference to : Unfortunately I had to pursue the project another way as the none of the fixes worked. I’ve added more comments to that thread, with supporting screens and movies. 3 months on and the addon still does not function. I have raised the memory allocation to 700MB and…

Errors with Update

By akindel, 6 days ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 5 days ago
Since I installed the latest updates for WordPress and Site Origin, most of the Site Origin Widgets are not working properly. In Firefox they seem to appear normal but they are all screwed up looking in Safari and Chrome. Is there going to be a fix for this soon? If you want to visually see…

Widget Social Media Buttons: Responsive?

By Lilla, 14 days ago. Last reply by Lilla, 9 days ago
Hello, My trouble is in the title. I’ve implemented the “Social media buttons” widget and it works very fine, on large screens. On tablets and smartphones, the widget doesn’t show up. So, isn’t the widget responsive? How can I make these buttons appearing on smaller screens? (My website is responsive.) Thank you in advance.

Scrolling Mobile

By jhinkemeyer, 11 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 9 days ago
When Viewers on my site scroll up and down (x axis) on mobile over the Carrousel the page will not scroll and the carousel activates the (y axis) scrolling. I want something like netflix where only the (y) is active and (x) lets you scroll the whole page. I tried All types of CSS code…