Page Content Randomly Disappeared After Installing and Activating SIteOrigin Page Builder

By Loretta Wong, 1 month ago. Last reply by Alex S, 7 days ago
Hi, After installing and activating the SiteOrigin Page Builder plug-in, content on some pages completely disappeared. When editing those pages, all the content shows up in the Page Builder editor, but when previewing the page’s content doesn’t load. However, once the Page Builder plug-in is deactivated, all content came back. Please kindly advise if this…

Hero widget page load order

By jayellison, 11 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 11 days ago
the hero image is the last thing to load on a page. the content underneath the hero image loads first then the hero image loads shooting everything else back down into the correct order. its with any page ive created with page builder so far. this all happens within a half a second. this sucks…

Anyone Receiving an error after recent upgrades

By Heather Connolly Miranda, 14 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 12 days ago
I recently upgraded yoast SEO and a few other plugins. I am not getting two error messages and can no longer customize my page. The first error message says: Edit widget: SiteOrigin Accordion Edit Add SiteOrigin Accordion SiteOrigin Accordion Site Orgin Accordion is already active so that makes no sense. The other error message says:…

Page Builder w/ wpForo & Jetpack

By lostnbfe, 18 days ago. Last reply by lostnbfe, 12 days ago
I found an issue with using Page Builder on the wpForo forms page wit hthe version listed below. If you have the Jetpack By activated your forums page will not show the forums unless you have the page set to Password Protected. Page Builder Version 4.9.6 wpForo Version 1.4.11 Wordpress Version 4.9.6 JetPack By…

Theme forcing indent on pages

By Jason Keller, 13 days ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 12 days ago
Hi there, It looks like the theme and/or Page Builder is forcing an indent on the first paragraph on this website: This also seems to be happening on the blog. The is no spacing coded into the text itself; any thoughts on what is happening? Thanks, Jason

Contact form template issues

By Mattias Magnusson, 20 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 14 days ago
Since the last SiteOrigin PageBuilder/widgets bundle update i have some bad issues with the contact formula template provided, reason i got the knowledge of this was a customer trying to contact me from the contact field and got an error, so he called to tell me about it. So as an administrator i checked what…

Siteorigin messes up double quoted valid tags and urls

By Parthiban Rajendran, 19 days ago. Last reply by Parthiban Rajendran, 19 days ago
Hi Using SO’s editor which I added to my page via page builder, I tried to create simple navigation buttons like prev, next etc. These are simple hrefs and I tried to center align them. But to my surprise, they were left aligned and link not working. When I checked the element using Chrome inspector,…