Compatibility with Yoast

By charlieapple, 1 month ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 19 days ago
Hi. Do you know if there are any compatibility issues with Yoast? I remember experiencing problems a couple of years ago when Yoast didn’t recognise any Hero image as an image, so the pages were reported as having no images at all and so ranked them poorly. I have 3 newly built sites, all with…

Warning about siteOrigin Widgets Bundle before updating PHP

By Ellen Bruijs, 26 days ago. Last reply by Ellen Bruijs, 26 days ago
I ran a scan for PHP 7.0 Compatibility This is the result for SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle – Compatible Warnings: 3 FILE: /var/www/vhosts/105/260013/webspace/httpdocs/ —————————————————————————————————————————————- FOUND 0 ERRORS AND 3 WARNINGS AFFECTING 3 LINES —————————————————————————————————————————————- 93 | WARNING | INI directive ‘mbstring.internal_encoding’ is deprecated since PHP 5.6 94 | WARNING | INI directive ‘mbstring.internal_encoding’ is deprecated since…

Dropdown submenu on toggle not hover

By Joshua Stewart, 1 year ago. Last reply by Joshua Stewart, 26 days ago
Hello, I’m using the vantage theme and I have a main menu with many items. I want to leave the first level of menu items to appear on hover, but then I would like the following level to dropdown on toggle. How should I go about accomplishing that? In the main menu the item is…

Pagebuilder not loading front-flex css

By muhammad adeel tahir, 1 month ago. Last reply by Alex S, 1 month ago
I cloned site from live to localhost and siteorigin pagebuilder is not working correctly. Its not loading front-flex.min.css file. Although it was loading just fine on live site. Pushed changes to same domain on live from localrepo, everything works fine. Not working on localhost but was working on live. Then I moved it to new…

Media Query for each custom widget

By pawel.witek, 1 month ago. Last reply by Alex S, 1 month ago
Hello, I’ve created custom widget called “spacer widget” to SiteOrigin. I’ve added two inputs in widget’s form. One for dekstop height and second for mobile height. I’d like to manipulate height property depending on media queries. One for desktop breakpoint and one for mobile breakpoint. I ask for help how to do it or at…

Mobile navigation menu overlay

By thmin, 3 months ago. Last reply by Alex S, 1 month ago
Hi, In addition to this thread (, I´ve noticed that the dots from mobile navigation are overlaying on the mnobile menu. So you will see the dots inside the menu what should not happen. How could I fix this?

Create row programatically

By Linuzitac, 1 month ago. Last reply by Alex S, 1 month ago
Let’s say i’m creating a widget which will list posts in a grid. What is the best practice for this? Usually i use for example bootstrap or other framework in my theme which i can use, but is it possible to use the layout builder to programatically create rows and cells? One thought was to…

Hover link color

By Abraham Zlatin, 2 months ago. Last reply by Alex S, 1 month ago
The hover link color changes back to original color after a brief color change. It does not hold the color when hovering. How to fix? Example hover over Night Lens –

Add attribute to div.panel-grid

By jpmanson, 2 months ago. Last reply by jpmanson, 1 month ago
Hello, I am trying to add a new attribute to the div with the class ‘panel-grid’. The attribute is called ‘data-anchor’ and the user can enter the value for this attribute in the ‘Row Styles’ section on the page Editor. I followed the instructions at and I was able to add the new attribute…