SiteOrigin Editor comes up blank

By charles.profusion, 23 days ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 1 day ago
When I edit a page, the editor comes up blank. I already tried disabling non-SiteOrigin plugins, clearing the cache, changing to another theme, and disabling CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS. Site: WordPress 5.0.3 running Twenty Sixteen theme

Icomoon icons display as &

By efc8d, 22 days ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 3 days ago
I am picking up a thread started on the WordPress Widgets Bundle support forum, trying to resolve this test page ( I won’t be able to give admin account access unfortunately since the site is behind a university secure network that requires additional network credentials to access. Would it be possible to instead Skype and…

Issues with Icons on Theme Forest Theme using SiteOrigin Widget

By 8035f0cd39f0c9c7a9d588372e32f655, 13 days ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 3 days ago
We’re using a Theme Forest theme called Dental and it utilizes the SiteOrigin Widgets and upon a recent updating of plugins, certain icons stopped rendering correctly – they simply show an ampersand (&). You can see the site at the following address: Home If you scroll down to the section with the text “Free Whitening…

Home page doesn’t load at CSS visual editor

By Héctor Xiqués, 12 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 3 days ago
Hello, With the plug-in SiteOrigin CSS, its visual editor doesn’t load the home page at first – the Console alerts that there is a mixed content issue trying to load it via http and not https (I just migrated to https recently). The warning is something like (I hide my domain): Mixed Content: The page…

Mailchimp Pop Up Not working

By Jamie Millican, 4 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 4 days ago
I have been trying to embed a MailChimp pop up into my wp site using the following code, the site is the actual pop up appears, but when you come to add your details is states there are errors, even though all fields are correctly filled out. Any suggestions?

Align text “center” only on mobile

By L, 5 days ago. Last reply by L, 4 days ago
I would like to have the sections of text on my page centered when viewed on mobile. I used the following code in custom CSS but it isn’t working: @media all and(max-width:767px) { .page-id-445 #panel-448-1-1-0 { text-align: center; } } Link: and would like the section starting with “Gepflegte…” to be center aligned. Could you…