Header Widget Area

Vantage 1.1 free and 2.1 premium makes it possible for you to replace the text in your header with a widget. This makes it possible to add just about anything you could want to your header. Vantage also includes a social media widget so you can add links to your social media profiles in your header.



Just navigate to Appearance > Widgets. To the right of your screen you’ll see a widget area called Header. Lets add the Vantage Social Media widget to this widget area.



The free version of Vantage gives you icons for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and RSS. Vantage Premium adds icons for LinkedIn, Dribbble, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, Skype, YouTube, GitHub and Vimeo. It also gives you small and large icon sizes.

Just enter the full URL of your social media profile (including http://) in each field. If you leave a field blank, the icon wont show up.

If you’re using the social media widget in your header, you should leave the title field blank. You can include a title if you’re using the widget in your footer or sidebar.

Finally, if you want the icons to open links in a new window, check “Open in New Window” at the bottom. When you’re done, click save.

Header Menu

If you add a Custom Menu widget to the header area, it’ll display as a nicely formatted menu.