Masthead and Page Background Colors

To adjust the page colors, navigate to Appearance > Customize > Theme Design > Page. Set the color by clicking on the “Select Color” button next to each setting respectively.

Select the desired color using the color pallet (1) or type in the color Hex (#) Value. Adjust the color intensity using the slider (2). Allow 5 seconds for the preview window to regenerate. When you are done click on the “Save & Publish” button. The page background color will affect all pages and posts.

Masthead and Page Color Settings  Masthead and Page Color

Uploading Masthead and Page Background Image

To upload an image for your Masthead and/or Page Background, navigate to Appearance > Customize > Page. By default no image will be active.

Click on the dropdown menu currently indicating “No Image” under each of the settings respectively. Click on “select a file”, choose an image from your computer, and then click “Upload New”.

Masthead and Page Image Setting


Removing Image Shadow and Rounding

By default images will display with a shadow and rounded edges. To remove these features, navigate to Appearance > Customize > Page. Click on the “Image Shadow and Rounding” checkbox to disable and enable these features.

Image Border and Shadow Check Box

Image Border and Shadow