Menu Colors

To adjust the menu colors, navigate to Appearance > Customize > Theme Design > Menu. Set the color by clicking on the “Select Color” button next to each setting respectively.

Select the desired color using the color palette (1) or type in the color Hex (#) Value. Adjust the color intensity using the slider (2). Allow 5 seconds for the preview window to regenerate. When you are done click on the “Save & Publish” button.

Menu Color Pallet

The following menu color options are available:

1. Background Color

Menu Background Color Setting                        Menu Background Color

2. Text Color

Menu Text Color Setting                 Menu Text Color

3. Second Level Background

Menu Second Level Background Color SettingMenu Second Level Background Color

4. Second Level Text

Menu Second Level Text               Menu Second Level Text Color

5. Hover Background

Menu Hover Color Setting                Menu Hover Color

6.Hover Text

Menu Hover Text Color Setting              Menu Hover Text Color

7. Second Level Hover

Menu Second Level Hover Color Setting            Menu Second Level Hover Color

8. Second Level Hover Text

Menu Second Level Hover Text Color Setting    Menu Second Level Hover Text Color

9. Icon Color

Menu Icon Color Setting                    Menu Icon Color

10. Icon Hover Color

Feature to come in future versions.

11. Current Page Background Color

Current Page Background ColorCurrent Page Background C

12. Current Page Text Color

Current Page Text Color               Current Page Text C

13. Search Icon Background

Menu Search Icon Background Setting      Menu Search Icon Background

14. Search Iput Background

Menu Search Input  Background Color Setting     Menu Search Input Background Color

15. Search Input Text

Menu Search Input Text Color Setting                Menu Search Input Text Color

Menu Item Padding / Menu Bar Size

To adjust the menu bar size navigate to Appearance > Customize > Menu. Adjust the menu item padding in the text field provided.

Menu Padding Setting 20 Menu Padding 20

Menu Padding Setting 35 Menu Padding 35