Menu Layout

Vantage offers you a extensive range of theme settings and customization’s allowing you to achieve a variety of Navigation Menu Layouts. So lets take a look at some of menu layout option  that are available to you.

Standard Menu Layout

The Vantage default masthead layout displays your logo in the header along with the header text.

Default Masthead Layout

Logo in Menu

The masthead layout setting allows you to display the logo in the menu by selecting the  “Logo in Menu” option from the drop down . This deactivates the header.

Logo in Menu Masthead

Header Menu

If you choose to use the default masthead layout, you can display your main menu inside the header, using the header widget and inserting a custom menu.

Custom Menu in Header

Header Drop Down Menu

By creating a secondary menu with an alternate layout to your main menu, you can create a drop down menu in your header.

Custom Drop Down Menu in Header

No Main Menu

If you only wish to display the header menu, disable the main menu by selecting “Empty Menu” under the masthead menu setting. This will display a blank main menu. You can change the menu background color to match your header.

Masthead Menu Empty