so-widgets-bundle generating an error

By pandaapparel, 1 month ago. Last reply by Alex Stapleton, 1 month ago
This just started appearing in the server logs from a task started by cron. Running on a centos server with php 8.0 and mysql 8.0. All plugins are current. [08-Sep-2021 16:05:15 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot access offset of type string on string in /home/qwerty/public_html/wp-content/plugins/so-widgets-bundle/widgets/button/button.php:433 Stack trace: #0 /home/qwerty/public_html/wp-content/plugins/so-widgets-bundle/base/siteorigin-widget.class.php(172): SiteOrigin_Widget_Button_Widget->modify_instance(”) #1 /home/qwerty/public_html/wp-content/plugins/so-widgets-bundle/base/siteorigin-widget.class.php(386): SiteOrigin_Widget->widget(Array,…

Yoast Compatability Issue

By nmclaren87, 1 year ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 1 year ago
My yoast scores were all fine, green bullets etc. At some point many of them changed without me editing any content on the pages. Whilst checking some of the pages I noticed my readability scores had gone to 0. I’ve been testing the page and found that so long as I have one row with…

Site Origin Button

By STEVEN ZAMMIT, 1 year ago. Last reply by Alex Stapleton, 1 year ago
Is there any way that I can get the destination field to pick up a custom field. I have a few hundred posts to load and I want the button to point to a custom field url. I do not want to have to change each button destination URL.

Using Ajax to load Page Builder Layout

By Taijj, 1 year ago. Last reply by Alex Stapleton, 1 year ago
Greetings, I use the Page Builder plugin on my wordpress site, and so far it works great. Thank you for this plugin! :) I’m using a self programmed theme for my site, and now I’m trying to use Ajax to load in the content from one page into another. That works pretty well so far,…

Creating dynamic form fields with repeaters

By Linuzitac, 1 year ago. Last reply by Alex Stapleton, 1 year ago
I’m trying to create a widget. Think of the end result as tabular data. First you have a repeater called “titles” with a text field. As a user you add “title 1” and “title 2”. Under this repeater, i have another repeater. Each of this repeater fields should now contain two text fields labeled “title…

How to filter Less on child theme

By cwrichardson, 1 year ago. Last reply by Alex Stapleton, 1 year ago
Hi, I’m trying to change the default color for buttons in the button widget. I’m running vantage with a child theme, and thought I could do something like this in the child theme’s `functions.php`: But … nothing happens. Am I misunderstanding something?

Custom fieds

By micdub, 1 year ago. Last reply by Alex S, 1 year ago
Hello, is it possible to have a custom field in widget attribut ? In the window to add/update widget in page, there is in the right side many tabs like attributs, design, … I want use in this side one custom field. How I can do ? If it’s not possible, is it possible to…

Create custom field

By micdub, 1 year ago. Last reply by micdub, 1 year ago
Hello, I want create a custom field, i can create a simple custom field like defined in the documentation. But I want do a custom filed with many element. I want have in my custom field : – a radiobuttons – a field type “slider” – a field type “media” In my render_field function I…