Menu Option?

By Sandra, 8 years ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 8 years ago
Just wondering if it possible to have the option of a “conventional” menu for desktop viewing rather than the mobilised version. (I love the simplicity of the design but feel that some of my users might be confused with the slide out menu) Thank you

Margin from Header menu to Home Slider

By Flemming, 8 years ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 8 years ago
First of all, congratulations on the Influence theme. Its a super and very perfect theme. I have a simple design issues: On the Home Page (first page), I want a margin from the “menu header” to the Home Slider … I want the same margin as there are in all the other pages. (The same…

Influence Theme Home Slider Disappears….

By Matthew Daniels, 8 years ago. Last reply by Matthew Daniels, 8 years ago
I switched from Demo Slider to Slider, uploaded some pics (1000×500) and saved everything, and then viewed page and now do not see slider. If I go back and enable demo slider, it appears again, but my “slider” won’t… Any thoughts? Matt

Slider doesn’t work in IE11

By Владислав «Himura» Глаголев, 8 years ago. Last reply by Владислав «Himura» Глаголев, 8 years ago
It seems like the issue is that scripts are loaded after use. In demo slider, the code Is at the top of the page, but in custom slider it is at the bottom. How could I fix that? Please aim for me some directions on what code is responsible for the code order of code…