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Missing customizer js files after install the Influence theme.

Hello, I recently installed mentioned theme on several WP sites and got broken customizer because of missing js files on server site. And realize that ../theme-folder/influence/inc/customizer/js is empty folder.

Same when I tried to do download directly from siteorigin.com

Seems to me not right.

Thank you, Dominik

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  1. 5 years, 12 days ago Alex S Hi, I Work Here

    Hi Dominik,

    Unfortunately, this issue is as a result of a missing file in the build process. This will be resolved in the next theme update. I’m unsure of an eta on the next update.

    These two files only handle the live reload of the settings. You should be able to use the customizer without issue outside of that. Are there any specific issues you’re experiencing outside of these two missing files?

  2. 5 years, 12 days ago Dominik Jelínek

    Thanks for your answer. I helped myself by copy missed libraries from another template. Just wanted to report it here. It could be struggling for some other user.


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