Exclute font awesome

Hi. I am trying to reach high performance for my web-site. Currently font-awesome 4.7.0 is loading twice from: – Ultra theme – Site Origin Widget Budle Is it that necessary to keep font-awesome in widget bundle? Because font-awesome usually coming with any theme by default. Is there a way to exclude it? Why not to…

images change to “/”/ or code showing on live site

By Kellsey Stabner, 6 years ago
Looking for some help please! Whenever I try and add an image or make and edit like center alignment on a preexisting page with SiteOrigin Editor suddenly all the images change to “/”/ placeholders instead of loading the image. Or the css will show on the live site instead – example below. < p style="text-align:…

Ie Issue for News Pro Widget

By allen298, 6 years ago
I am currently using the News Pro Widget and Site Origin Page Builder. Every thing looks great in Chrome and Fire Fox, as usual. And in Internet Explorer there is a huge white space after the news widget. I am trying to get this done for my boss and it is on a private Intranet.…

Logo Carousel Widget

Hi Guys, I’m using Site Origin on my website https://24hourmanandvan.minicabmuswellhill.co.uk (this is just a dev domain.lol) What I’d like to do is add a widget to the homepage showing companies that we’ve worked for, a bit like a carousel. I don’t mind if this can’t be done and they have to be static, just as…

Site Origin Post Carousel with The Events Calendar

By Rooster Run, 6 years ago
I can’t seem to filter the Site Origin Post Carousel by category for post type Events from The Events Calendar. I’m using Page Builder with SO Post Carousel in a widget and Post Query settings of: Post Type: Events Taxonomies:tribe_events_cat:race Any ideas?

Getting rid of whitespace?

By Dutzyj, 6 years ago
I’m not exactly sure how to articulate this question. the website is terrapinwoods.com. I would like to get rid of the extra white space on the left and right side of the text, so that the margin between where the text ends and the row ends is closer together. Adding padding to the row brought…

Widget Post with images not show correct content

By Maria Patricia Sanchez Huanqui, 6 years ago
Hellow, I use the publication of widgets with images with pagebuilder and SiteOrigin on my website but the content shown in the left sidebar is not correct. Shows the content of the active page but not the content of the entry of recents posts. My site is http://luzderenacimiento.org. Help me please.

Images overlaying in responsive mode

By Michael Bell, 6 years ago
Hi, I can’t seem to work out how to stop my images stacking on top of one another when entering responsive mode. eg. test.thehybridminds.com) I have a row with three columns, each column has a background image and a layout builder with some text and a button. For the most part the images seem to…

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